Can Stitch Fix Save this Closet?


The blog of the Healthy Foodie went on hiatus for a while but I am bringing it back with a new focus!  I have been working very hard on my health, fitness and weight for the past 10 years and have done a great job of maintaining it for a long time.  I think I got burned out about thinking about my workouts, my calories and my weight, which is why I stopped writing here.  Yes, I still struggle with it, as every human being does as we are bombarded with constant obstacles to our goals – financial, time, responsibilities, etc but as I have mentioned many times before, there is no diet or weight loss plan that will make you happy because those are only temporary.  You need a total life transformation that you continue for the rest of your life.  And I am still working on this every day.

But, lately, I have been asking myself about what other changes I want to make in my life and while this one may seem materialistic, conceited or shallow, it is one I have struggled with for a long time – my clothes.  I, like so many others, only have so much money to cloth myself and while I may be interested in the latest fashions, I usually find myself stepping up to the sales racks at Old Navy, Kohl’s, The Loft or some other chain, searching desperately for something that may fit my ever changing 5 foot tall frame – no easy feat no matter what weight I am.

I have been thinking about 40 and what it means to me and I think I’ve realized that it’s time to put away the bargain basement clothes, to stop settling for a closet full of clothes that may or may not fit or I may or may not love, just because the price was as cheap as I could possibly find.  I have decent job, no – a GOOD job and have for a number of years now, there is absolutely no reason I can’t treat myself to some reasonably priced, fun, colorful clothes that I adore and feel good in.

I have taken steps these past few years to improve my wardrobe and have a number of pieces I do truly love.  I am all about the dresses, statement necklaces and OUTFITS with a capital O.  But, I, like most of you, struggle to find the time go shopping and usually get frustrated when I run out of time or can’t find anything in my size.  I don’t always know how to put pieces together, which is why I think I gravitate towards dresses (instant outfit by adding necklace, earrings and shoes!) and I don’t have to struggle with the land mine of pants that are too long, too short, too wide, too expensive, too SOMETHING to really like them but I suck it up and buy them anyway.


This is where Stitch Fix comes in.  I swear, I must be living under a rock because I had never heard of this service until my cousin mentioned it a few months ago.  Apparently, many of her Facebook friends were singing the praises of this service, enough to make my financially conservative relative want to try it too.

What is Stitch Fix?  It is an online styling service that for the low price of $20, takes a very detailed style profile you submit then mails you a Fix, which contains 5 pieces of clothing and accessories they feel you will like and will fit not only your body but your personality too.  They currently style XS to XL, dress sizes 0 – 14.  You can create a Pinterest board to show them what styles you like, you can send your stylist a note every month, requesting specific pieces your closet is lacking or you would to try or just let yourself be surprised by what they come up with.  You tell them what price range you would like each item to be within, then when your shipment arrives, you will receive a personal note from your stylist along with a card, with pictures, explaining how to wear each piece and the price.  You have 3 days to try on everything in the comfort of your own home then send back, for free, all of the items you don’t like and just pay for those you do.  If you buy just one piece, they deduct the $20 styling fee from the price.  If you decide to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off everything.

Of course, like everything I do, I had to research the hell out of this service and read every online review I can find.  Turns out this is a very big deal and used by more people than I imagined.  They also recently added petite and maternity options so a light bulb went off in my head – maybe this is the answer I have been looking for!  So, I have been waiting with baited breath for my first Fix, which I just received notice has shipped and is set to arrive Saturday, June 6th.

One of the best review blogs I read was a woman who said she was tired of reaching in her closet and trying to put together ho hum items and wanted to create a haven of pretty clothes that made her feel amazing, no matter what she picked out.  For her, if the piece of clothing isn’t a 10 out of 10, then it wasn’t worth spending money on.  And isn’t that what we all would like?

So, I hate to put all my eggs in one basket so let’s just say I am trying another basket.  I hope Stitch Fix is able to help me get new, pretty, reasonably priced pieces and outfits I love and if so, I will try and weed out the old clothes I haven’t wore in a while (or ever) for various reasons and donate them to charity.  I will blog here about my shipments along with details about each Fix, the price of each item, pictures of me in the clothes and what I kept and sent back and why.  Through my research, I learned the best way to get an amazing Fix is to be as detailed as possible about what you want.  Here is the first note I wrote to my stylist this month (or approximately what I sent because since my items are being shipping now, I can’t find it):

“Would love a casual summer outfit of jeans, pretty top and necklace for going out with girlfriends, a summery dress for going out to dinner with my husband and outfits to match 2 pairs of shoes I recently bought (I included the links to a blue pair of Converse and a wine colored pair of Top Siders I picked up at the Zappos outlet Memorial Day weekend).”

We will soon see what stylist I’m paired up with and what items she sends me!

If you are interested in reading more about Stitch Fix, you can follow the link here to their website and if you decide to sign up, please use my referral link – if you do, I get a $25 credit when your first Fix is shipped!

Company website –

Referral link –

On a final note, I had to switch blog hosters since work will no longer let us access any Google sites but I kept my same blog name.  You can now find me here at WordPress and I will be sure to pretty up my blog page, as time goes by.  Thanks for reading!


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