Did I Scare You All?

Boy, I really scared you all off Stitch Fix, didn’t I?  Sorry for such a negative post, but as I sit here this afternoon, I am still floored by how far off base they were.  So, the question was raised – is it really worth it? Why don’t you just go shopping on your own?

Well, my local options are rather limited for clothes, especially pants.  Our Ann Taylor store closed, which leaves The Loft for petite clothes and I like them, but find their styles and items pretty limited.  I have tried The Limited and while the cut on pants is shorter, the overall fit of the pants is usually still too big.  Talbot’s is too expensive for me and Penney’s or Macy’s is hit or miss as well.  Plus, it is all the TIME involved with shopping that got me interested in this service to begin with.  I work a 42 hour a week job, which I understand is less than some but after 7 hours of sleep a night, an hour for commuting, another hour for working out or maybe an evening or two out with friends and the week nights are shot.  So, weekends, right?  Well, weekend days, especially when hubby is working, is the best time for us to catch up so the last thing I want to do is get up, ready right away and out the door.  We LINGER with a capital L.  He doesn’t get up until 10am, we have a nice breakfast together, I work out around noon, get in the shower around 1 or 2pm and if I do some chores around the house (which always need to be done), it can be later than that.  Throw in a family get together or dinner out and the day is gone.  Sunday – same thing.  Sunday is the ONLY day of the week I have to cool so most of my time is spent planning our meals, going grocery shopping then cooking and cleaning it all up.  This can take a good 3-4 hours on top of finishing all of the other chores for the week.

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know about your own lives and for those with kids, I can hear you laughing from here about truly not having enough hours in the day.  SEE? This is where Stitch Fix seemed so fabulous.  You don’t have to leave your house, just fill out this questionnaire and gorgeous clothes just show up on your doorstep once a month!  OK, OK, so it didn’t quite work out that way the first time but that doesn’t mean that eventually, this or another stylist won’t get it right.

The success stories I have read keep me going, keep me hoping it will work for me too.  Here is a link to one of my favorite Stitch Fix blogs and once you see just how pretty these clothes are and how great she looks in it, you will see why I wanted to give it a try


Here is a listing of the Stitch Fix Tips for getting a good Fix:


All good ideas and ones that I have taken very seriously, including the Pinterest board.  I signed up for Pinterest a LONG time ago, just like everyone else did but quickly found myself completely overwhelmed by the information out there like how to create the perfect 2 year old Frozen birthday party and the best margarita recipe you have ever seen. etc, etc. and quickly lost interest.  However, I always enjoyed seeing the clothing pins and even had saved some styles for myself – if I could ever find the time to go out and search for all these items.  So, I included a link to my Pinterest account in my Stitch Fix profile and you can view it here yourself:


I have since added a LOT of Stitch Fix pins so on this new try, my stylist has no excuse if she doesn’t understand my style, my tastes and preferences.  She can even send me some of these specific pieces now and I have included little notes under each on what I like about it and what I might like a little different.

I guess my biggest disappointment right now is how long I have to wait to get a replacement Fix.  I am sure they have to wait until they receive your rejected clothes back to make sure they aren’t scamming them and that takes time.  Someone also asked about shipping costs and they are totally FREE – shipped to you and all of your returns, so you can do this as many times as you want and only have to pay the $20 styling fee.

Well, for now, I just have to put this out of my mind and know I have done everything on my end I can to make this successful for me.  I don’t NEED any particular item of clothes right now, I just was really looking forward to new items, pretty things for summer to wear to various events I have coming up.   But until June 24th’s next shipment, I will have to carve out an hour or two to try one of my fav local stores like Sorella Boutique and even Charming Charlie’s for some cute tops and dresses.  Until then, I will just be patient and enjoy this gorgeous weather with what I have!


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