Stitch Fix #1 – Is a Total BUST!

WOW, where to start. . .I may have been a tad too excited to get started on this Stitch Fix adventure.  I have been diligently tracking my box online and was thrilled to see it was delivered 3 days early!

SF 1

I had high hopes, I really did, especially when I read this nice card from my stylist, Marie:

SF 2

Hmmm – that didn’t sound exactly like what I had requested but tried to go into it with an open mind.  Until I opened the box and saw nothing but dark, drab, dreary colors and my heart sank even more when I looked at the Stitch Fix styling cards:

SF 3

SF 4

SF 5

SF 6

I waited 3 weeks for this??  Wait, what month are we in?  Oh yeah – JUNE!  Is it just me or do these all look like fall clothes to you?  Let’s start with the best and move our way down.

First up, this Market and Spruce Spencer Striped Jersey Dress at regular price of $54 in size Small.

SF 9SF 12

SF 13The best fitting item in the box and doesn’t look too bad on.  But, it has 2 strikes against it.  First, it is navy and I specifically said in my notes – NO DARK COLORS for summer!  Second strike, I have a dress in this exact same style already but the colors are reversed – a white dress with navy stripes from Charming Charlie’s that probably cost around $30.  So, unfortunately, this one will definitely be RETURNED.

Next up, this Moon Collection Larson Pleat Detail Blouse for regular price of $48 in size XS.

SF 7

SF 14

Ok, I kind of like the print but that’s about the only forgiving thing I can say about it. It is WAY too long for me and way too shapeless.  There is absolutely no way to make this style shirt attractive on a 5 foot tall woman so right now, I am really questioning Stitch Fix “styling” skills.   So, this shirt will obviously be RETURNED too.

Next up, this 41Hawthorne Beckett V-Neck Blouse regularly priced at $48 in size XS.

SF 8

SF 15

This is just no way to say anything nice about this shirt.  Too long, too dark, too shapeless and it makes me look like I am pregnant.  What in the world are these people thinking??

They also sent me the Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans regularly priced at $88 in size 2P, which are pictured with the 2 blouses above.  I was very disappointed in these as well because they are a long, dark wash jean – for summertime???  When I said I wanted a pretty, summery, cool looking jeans outfit for a night out with my girlfriends, I was thinking a pretty pair of white jeans, maybe a lighter wash boyfriend jean or even just a lighter wash skinny jean but I wouldn’t pull these out until fall or winter for sure and for $88, totally not worth it to me in June.  So, these will be RETURNED as well.

Finally, they usually send you one accessory but this one made no sense at all with the rest of the items them sent me.

This necklace is Bay to Baubles Hemway Triple Stone Necklace regularly priced for $28.

SF 11

I don’t know if it shows up in the picture, like it did in person but this looks very cheap – the links in the chain are very wide apart and hooked to the stones in a way, it looks like it could fall apart any second.  So, this final item will also be RETURNED.

So, for my first Fix, I am batting 0 for 5.  I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am, I had hoped for all kinds of pretty new items to wear to some events I have this week and weekend but that’s not going to happen.  However, I am going to stick with this and try another Fix.  When you receive your box, you have 3 business days to check out online, let them know which pieces you are keeping and which you are sending back and why.  And boy, did I give them a LOT of whys!  I hope my feedback will help them come up with something better or possibly pass me off to a different stylist because this one did not get me at all!  My next Fix is set to come on June 24th and I added a detailed note, instructing my stylist to check out my Pinterest page to get a better idea of items and colors I like, which one of the first thing they suggest when you sign up for the service.

Let’s hope #2 is better because right now, I am out the $20 styling fee, have no clothes and have to wait another 3 weeks to give this another try.  One or two more chances and then I think I may give up.  So many other people have had such success with this, I feel I owe it to try it a few more times first though.

If you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix and trying for yourself, despite my experience, please click on this link below to do so and I will get a $25 credit to go towards my Fixes.

Referral link –

Thank you so much for reading and hope this information has been helpful!


5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #1 – Is a Total BUST!

    • I very well may be but my free time is so scarce, I really thought this service could help me out. However, another Fix like this and it definitely would have been much quicker to just take off for a few hours in the afternoon to go shopping at Target or something!


  1. When I had a box that was a total bust, I wrote customer service an Email explaining why my experience was so bad. They refunded by styling fee and even offered to move my next fix up a week or two. Try that?
    I’m sorry you had a bad experience!


  2. Kiki says:

    Sorry but navy can be a summer color — not fall, especially with the white stripes it has a nautical feel– The long tops look fine especially on persons who may be heavier in the thigh area which appears to be the case from these photos. perhaps you should have selected navy brown and black as colors to avoid on your profile– they do have a place to select colors to avoid on their website. the necklace looks fine as well– you are not going to get diamond or gold filled jewelry for $29 if that is the expectation. the website has a place to select a higher price range for jewelry as well. the stones appear to be rose quartz or glass which is a more expensive material in costume jewelry– I don’t agree with your assessments and I don’t work for stitch fix.


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