Working to Redeem Themselves!

Over the past few days, since my dismal Stitch Fix delivery, I have been working hard to update my style profile, my note to my stylist and my Pinterest page to make sure my tastes and style are accurate reflected, as well as pinning specific Stitch Fix pieces from their page I really like.  I was browsing through their Facebook page the other night and noticed all of the glowing comments and posts about the service – how much they love it, the clothes are gorgeous, the stylist just “gets them”, etc and I couldn’t help but chime in that so far, that wasn’t my experience AT ALL.

In their defense, this was their first try and I am sure it make take a couple of attempts to get it right – and even then, you probably won’t like every, single item in every single delivery.  But, I was very honest and constructive in my comment, just so others would know if theirs didn’t go so hot, they weren’t alone.

Well, imagine my surprise when Stitch Fix responded directly to my comment right away and asked me to E-mail their Customer Service department, explaining exactly what went wrong and what they could do to remedy it.  I did not ask for my $20 back but I did ask if they could do anything to move my shipment up, since I wasn’t able to keep anything from last week’s box.  The earliest delivery date I could get on their website was June 23rd but today, I was greeted with this message when I opened my page:

Fix message

So, dear readers, we now only have to wait until Monday, June 15th (or earlier) to see if Stitch Fix can redeem themselves!  I am trying not to get my hopes up too high this time, but feel like they are taking it seriously to try and make my experience as “delightful” (their words, not mine), as they can.

Again, if you would like to see my style and the specific items I have pinned, visit my Pinterest page at:

And, if you would like to roll the dice and try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral link below so I can get a $25 credit on your first delivery!

Thanks so much for reading!

EDIT:  One thing to note about Stitch Fix’s Pinterest page and pinning certain items for your stylist, I keep forgetting that they offer many different price points and while I may like a particular item, it may be out of my price range.  Right now, you can choose from the following ranges:

The cheaper, the better




$200 +

I have chosen “The cheaper, the better” because unfortunately, I just can’t afford $100 or more each for 5 different pieces, even at 25% off, if I liked them all.  So, let’s see what they can do with this gal’s rather limited budget.  That may be another Stitch Fix hurtle that’s just too big to overcome but we will find out!


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