Cara, your Fix is in Progress!

I am now officially waiting for Fix #2 from Stitch Fix and they tell me it is still scheduled to arrive by June 15th.  It came 3 days early last month but again, not getting my hopes up AT ALL on pretty much any part of the process this time.

However, I have spent a lot of time looking at Stitch Fix clothes and have been pinning a lot of my favorites on Pinterest.  Of course, as I mentioned in my last blog entry, when you see these pictures online, you have NO idea what price range they are in so they may very well be out of your reach. That’s why, in all of my blog posts, if I keep getting shipments, I will detail just how much each item is so if YOU decide to sign up, you know what you can get at certain price points.

So, here is just a sampling of the pretty things I hope they send me.  Even if I got just one of my pinned items, taking into consideration they will be picking things for my particular size too, I would be beyond thrilled!

First up, just pinned today, this collection of summer dresses.  Don’t you just love the colors!

Dresses SF 1

Next up, this PETITE Maxi dress which looks so comfy.  I would love the chance to wear one actually fitted to my short height but alas, who knows, this may still be too long for me, even in petites.

Dresses SF 2

Finding shirts and blouses for going out, casual or for work are almost as tough for me as finding pants.  They are always too wide, too long, shoulders too broad, sleeves too long, something.  I love the gorgeous standout color of this top.  Wouldn’t it look amazing with white pants or capris?

Dresses SF 3

And this shirt – I am a sucker for this color blue, or any color blue, for that matter.  Not sure what I would wear it with – jeans, maybe or even a cool colored pair of blue pants in this shade.  *swoon*

Dresses SF 4

Finally, my piece de resistance for pins – this fun, red dress WITH pockets, no less.  I could wear it work, out to dinner, different events. I am eyeing it for my birthday dinner out with hubby at the end of the month!

Dresses SF 5

*sigh*  Looking at clothes has been so fun but also got me thinking, if I would have put this much time into searching for clothes and outfits I like BEFORE trying Stitch Fix, couldn’t I just have searched online for stores that carry something similar and go buy it myself?  Then I would know exactly how much it would cost ahead of time.  But, then I still have to drive to the store, try it on, only to find out something I fell in love with doesn’t fit quite right and having to start all over again.

Which I how I started this journey to begin with.  I have no idea where Stitch Fix will take me or if this might be my last shipment but it certainly seems like a good concept for busy people.  Let’s just hope I get a stylist this time who gets me and what I’m looking for!

Again, if YOU want to give Stitch Fix a try, please use my referral link below so I can get a $25 credit when your first shipment goes out!  Thanks for reading!


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