Stitch Fix #2 – Take Two: What Do YOU Think?

Thanks to all of your feedback, I decided to give the 2 tops I had planned to return another look.  I checked out the styling cards that came with them, put together an outfit (or at least as close as I could with what I had on hand) and took a few more pictures.  I tried to highlight my concerns on each, so you could see for yourself then again, let me know if you still feel they are keepers or if you agree they should be shipped back.

First up, the pretty, flowery tank.  I tried this on and it is pretty close to what the styling card recommended with flat flip flops and jean capris.  I tried it on for my hubby and is first comment is that no, it did not make me look fat or pregnant at all BUT since it was so short in length and style, it looked like a baby doll style top, which he really doesn’t care for.  He said he looked nice on me, just that it wasn’t the kind of thing I would normally wear.

SF2 #1

Here you can see how wide it is, when I pull it out.  If a gust of wind comes up, this thing is going right up over my head!  It is lined so you really shouldn’t have to wear anything under it.

SF2 #2

From this side angle, I think you see more of the baby doll effect he was talking about.

SF2 #3

Finally, just a front view of the whole outfit.  The flowers are a bright, almost neon orange so tough to match with anything so I decided to go with the blue color and pair with turquoise sandals and a bracelet.

Next up, the red tank.  Everyone commented it is pink and it actually is a light red color.  I also neglected to mention it is pretty much totally see through so you have to wear a tank under it.  I don’t have any shade of red or pink so decided to create a red and black dressier outfit with this one.

SF2 #4

Again, you can see how big the top is when I pull the fabric out to the side.

SF2 #5

This one also has kind of a baby doll effect when you look at it to the side but the straps aren’t quite as short as the first top, so it isn’t as noticeable.

SF2 #6

Finally, a little bit closer front view so you can see the true color against the necklace, the detailing of the seams and how it hangs.

I still am not buying that either are very flattering but I look forward to your thoughts.  Thanks so much for reading!


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