Stitch Fix #2 – We Are Getting MUCH Better Here!

I got my Stitch Fix box today, a day and a weekend earlier than expected and of course, I was insanely busy at work and had to stare at it all day long until I could finally close up my computer for the day.  If you use Stitch Fix and live in our area (Indiana), you are treated to much faster shipments than others because their distribution center is in Plainfield, IN, just south west of Indianapolis.  BONUS for incredibly impatient people, like me!

So again, how does Stitch Fix work, for those who don’t know?  It is an online styling service that for the low price of $20, takes a very detailed style profile you submit then mails you a Fix, which contains 5 pieces of clothing and accessories they feel you will like and will fit not only your body but your personality too.  They currently style XS to XL, dress sizes 0 – 14.  You can create a Pinterest board to show them what styles you like, you can send your stylist a note every month, requesting specific pieces your closet is lacking or you would to try or just let yourself be surprised by what they come up with.  You tell them what price range you would like each item to be within, then when your shipment arrives, you will receive a personal note from your stylist along with a card, with pictures, explaining how to wear each piece and the price.  You have 3 days to try on everything in the comfort of your own home then send back, for free, all of the items you don’t like and just pay for those you do.  If you buy just one piece, they deduct the $20 styling fee from the price.  If you decide to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off everything.

As I mentioned in my last few entries, I have worked very hard on my Pinterest page, hoping to give the stylist better ideas of what I like and I admit, I think they finally listened.  This is what I saw when I opened my box – finally, some pretty colors!

SF 1

I was also treated to this nice note from my stylist, Bianca.  I noted here that they switched stylists on me because last shipment, I had Maria.  From the research I have done online, apparently finding a stylist who gets you is the key to making this whole thing work.  From this shipment, I think Bianca is much closer than Maria was.

Last time, I think I worked my way down from the best to the worst item.  Let’s switch that up this time and go from worst to best.

First is the Le Lis Mykonos Embroidered Strap Blouse at regular price of $38 in size XS.  Also, a note on my pictures – you can click on any of them in this post to get a larger view then hit your Back button to go back to the post.

SF 7

SF 10

Out of box, I love the colors and detailing of this top.  Bright and pretty with very unique straps.  My first thought is what a great summer tank this would be for a casual night out with hubby.  Unfortunately, after trying it on, I learned quickly it was very ill fitted.

SF 13

Sorry for the pictures, I do the best I can with a stand up mirror in front of my patio door to get the best light and sometimes, you can see my deck in the background.  I always shoot for getting as clear a picture as I can.  As you can see, this top is VERY short.  I am only 5 feet tall with an incredibly short torso and I even felt like it wasn’t quite long enough.  The top was very tight while the bottom flared out and felt like a large tent.  Just a short tent.  I was not comfortable at all in this shirt so it will be RETURNED.

Next up, this Skies Are Blue Gwen Crochet Detail Top at regular price of $48 in size XS.

SF 3

SF 11

This shirt and the last one are in competition for the worst so their order in this post is just random.  Again, this top is MUCH better than my last shipment for color and for the pretty detailing on the top of the shirt.  It is also lined linen, which I love for summertime.  And then I tried it on. . .

SF 14

This shirt is GIANT!  I specifically pulled it out so you can see just how wide the top is.  Way too long, way too wide and the shoulders were way too wide as well so the pretty crocheting just hung down my arms.  This is easily a size medium – no way this is extra small so unfortunately, this one will be RETURNED as well.

Up next, this Sweet Rain Prancer Scoop Neck Blouse at regular price of $38 in size XS.

SF 4

SF 15

Again, color – LOVE.  Fit, once again, not so much.  I feel like this is the same song, different verse – too long, too wide, I guess I just need to be more specific on my stylist notes and just admit I am not a long, billowy top person.  I said I prefer fitted tops in my style profile but would be OPEN to longer tops if they were proportioned right for someone my size.  So far, NONE they have sent me have been.  At least not to my liking so this top will be RETURNED as well.

My next item is the Liverpool Daryl Capri Straight Leg Jeans at regular price of $68 in size 2.

SF 5

SF 12

My first thought when I pulled these jeans out – these are literally the softest jeans I have ever felt in my life.  I also thought they looked pretty long for capris but I was willing to give them a chance. I had told my stylist I was interested in a pair of light wash boyfriend style jeans and I am guessing she felt these would be suited better for my small frame. . .and she was RIGHT!

SF 16

I am also wearing these in the pictures above with the last top but wanted to show them with an older shirt of mine that actually fits me.  I definitely have to cuff up the bottom a few times but that’s OK.  These jeans are light, comfy, stretchy, one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve ever wore and I can see wearing them with all kinds of things so finally, we have an item I am going to KEEP!!

And last but definitely not least, my favorite out of the whole box, this Everly Isidore Dress at regular price of $64 in size S.

SF 6

SF 8

I adored this color and print, right out of the box.  Even though I love all bright colors (for the most part), I am a sucker for every shade of blue.  This print reminds me of those gorgeous antique blue and white porcelain plates and vases.  However, I was a little leery when I pulled it out of the box – it had no defined waist and almost looked a little tent like, similar to the blouses but as I mentioned, if it is proportioned right, I think they could work and this one SO did.

SF 17

SF 18

Sorry, got the mirror way out of frame in that last picture but I just loved the back of it so much.  The shape of the arm holes shows a little bit of skin on the back and I just thought it was pretty.  This dress is cool, comfortable and can be styled in all kinds of ways.  I can dress it up and wear it to work, I can dress it down for a night out to dinner with friends, pretty much anything, I think so I am going to KEEP this dress too.

So, 2 out of 5 for this shipment, which, if I can calculating correctly, will bring my grand total out of pocket to $141.24 with sales tax then with the $20 styling fee I already paid, I will owe them $121.24.  You might say that is kind of expensive but for a great fitting pair of jeans and a dress, I don’t think that is bad at all.  The sad thing is, if I had liked everything in the box, with that 25% off, I could have had it all for only $42.80 more.  So, you can see, that 25% off really benefits you if you can find a stylist who can get sizes, styles and colors right the first time.

My verdict – I am going to keep using the service and hopefully, I have gotten a hold of someone who will listen to me, who can work with me and really send me stuff I love and truly need.  I really think I am on the right track!  I need to think about when to have them send me my next shipment – probably in a month so look for another post sometime in July!  Until then, I will keep sharing Stitch Fix outfits I find on their Pinterest page and share experiences of others using the service.  I had a party last night and shared my box with them and they were so excited, 3 said they wanted to check it out and sign up.  I will E-mail them my referral link and also put it below for you!  If you would like to try Stitch Fix, please click on the link below to do so and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment.  Thanks so much for reading!

EDIT:  I would like to note that Stitch Fix usually sends you 4 clothing items and 1 accessory like jewelry, a purse or scarf with each shipment.  I am not sure why they sent me 5 pieces of clothing but appreciate them doing it since that is what I am looking for most right now.  However, if you get on their Pinterest or Facebook page, they have the most gorgeous purses and jewelry too.  Definitely will be looking for one of them in my next couple of shipments!


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