Make it FUN, Not Stressful!

Well, Stitch Fix #2 is done and over with – I will be sending back the 3 tops and keeping the dress and jeans, as I decided in my first post.  I am a pretty decisive person – not prone to being wishy washy, questioning myself or uncertainly.  I know what I like, I know what I do and don’t want to do, I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t but for some reason yesterday, I felt compelled to rethink my choices for my Fix.  Why?  Well, as I lay awake thinking about it last night (yeah, I took it THAT far), I realized that #1 – it is fun to get others opinions and even MORE fun when they are flattering ones, so thank you for that, dear readers.  And #2, Stitch Fix has this service set up so you are always at an advantage to buy everything in your shipment.  25% off ALL OF IT.  That takes a big chunk out of the cost but I bet quite a few people end up talking themselves into 1 or 2 things they are lukewarm about, just to get that discount and for me – that defeats the whole purpose of why I am doing this!  I have a closet full of discount clothes I am lukewarm to begin with so why would I add more?

So, I am very confident I made the right decisions and happily hung up my gorgeous dress and comfy jeans in the closet this morning.  My plan had been to remove as many items from my closet that I kept from Stitch Fix but not sure I am ready to let anything go just yet.  I think another issue with Stitch Fix, if you look in their FAQ, they do not send you OUTFITS, only pieces to put together outfits and I struggle with that.  Yes, they send you the cards to suggest how to style each piece but that still means you may need to go out and buy something else – shoes, jewelry, a purse, to make it all work.  If you can be patient, you can request jewelry, shoes or even a shirt to match some pants in your next Fix but if you are like me, I can’t really afford to do this more than once a month.  Luckily for this month’s purchases, I have a pair of white kitten heels that should work with the dress nicely but not really any jeweler (what do you pair with a such a busy pattern??) and the jeans will pretty much match anything – T-shirts, pretty tanks, even lightweight sweaters so I think I’m good there too.  It will be a slow process, slower than I thought, especially if I only get a couple of items per shipment I like.  So, I am not sure this will totally be able to replace going out and shopping for items I really need or weeding out all of the clothes I don’t really like from my closet.  It’s a process.

My next shipment is set for July 18th so I have the next couple of weeks to think about my priority items to request and pin some new items on my Pinterest board as I have time.  My stylist said she checked out my board and sent me a shirt similar to one I pinned but to be honest, going back and looking now, I struggle to see which one she is referring too.  Still, the colors and styles are improving and I can only hope my July Fix will be even better!  I will keep posting blog entries about health, fitness and pieces I find I like in the meantime so I won’t be going away!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit after your first shipment.  Thanks so much for reading!


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