“I Ate Too Much.”

We all say it.  How many times have you sat down at a table, especially one filled with your favorite foods, only to push yourself away afterwards and say these very words?  Well, I found myself in that very same situation last night at our monthly foodie dinner and it got me thinking about the extra weight I have been “enjoying” for the past 4 months.  When you watch your food so carefully for SO long, trying to make healthy choices, eating reasonable portion sizes, it is so easy to say – I have been good, I deserve to splurge a little.  But, unfortunately for many, myself included – a little soon because often which becomes way too much.

Below is a little sampling of the dishes I enjoyed last night and at the time, it certainly didn’t seem like that much food, especially when I started out the meal so hungry but at the end, as I looked around at my dining companions and did some quick calculations in my head, I quickly realized I went way overboard:


Beer cheese


And this doesn’t even include the fried pickles shared by someone else, a cocktail and a glass of wine.  OUCH.

So, while I said the focus of my blog was going now going to focus more on fashion, I think I need to rein it back in and go back to where I started – Struggles of a Healthy Foodie because the struggle continues.

I have a new focus today – be much more aware of the quantity I am eating and the types of food I choose.  No more fried foods, no more heavy carb dishes and more lighter salad, fishes and chicken dishes for me.  No more chips, crackers and carby snacks, more fruits, veggies and nuts.  I know what to do after all these years but it is so easy to get off course.  My aunt and I tend to do this at the same time too and therefore, have the same complaints and frustrations at the same time when it comes to our weight and our bodies.  It helps to have someone close to you with the same struggles and who cares as much as you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  So, hopefully, together, we can get back on track and encourage each other to stick with it.

I am more physically active than ever so I know any issues I have are all food related.  I have noticed a lot of my Facebook friends are working hard on their fitness and health goals right now too and I need to take some cues, tips and motivation from them as well.  I need to get back to cooking more of our meals and one Facebook friend has been posting some amazing recipes on her weight loss journey. Rest assured, Sara, I will be giving some of these a try so keep sharing!  I love our online community so we can learn from each other and celebrate our successes together.  In the coming months, I will share my struggles with you in the hopes it will help encourage you too!


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