Fitbit – One Year Later

Fitbit 1

I have anxiously been awaiting my one year anniversary using my Fitbit, which just happens to be today, to take stock of all I have accomplished over this past year.  Did it really make a difference in my life?  Did it help me lose weight?  Have I been more active, fit, healthy tracking every single movement that I made over a year?

Well, in 365 days, I have walked, ran, danced, Crossfit and biked 3,562,619 steps, which equals about 1,400 miles!!!  Interestingly, enough, my weight really hasn’t changed all that much – 109.7 at the beginning to 109.0 this morning.

Fitbit 3

Fitbit 4

Regardless of my size, I DO know I have worked out more this year than I ever had before – stepping up my workouts from 4 times a week to averaging closer to 5 to 6 days a week.  If I am home and have at least 30 minutes to spare, I do something.  No excuses anymore – I needed to get those steps!  I added a 30 minute walk during the lunch hour every Thursday, a 30 minute high incline walk on the treadmill at lunch every Friday and rather than sitting in front of the TV, I have a tendency now to grab some free weights and work on my arms and chest.

Fitbit has given me a sense of accomplishment, of being able to see my hard work show up in numbers on a screen every day.  For a Type A, numbers geek like me, I adore all of that information, right at my fingertips.  I have enjoyed the Step Challenges with my Fitbit friends and hit one of my highest step weekends, just this past weekend (28,943 in just 2 days, thank you very much!) and while I have only won one, it was AMAZING to see just how hard these people work, how much they move and come in so much higher than I do!!  I can go for another short walk, right?

Is the Fitbit perfect?  Absolutely not.  The Flex, which I currently have doesn’t track your heart rate and that is really the true measure of how hard you are working, how many calories you are burning.  So, at some point, I may upgrade to one of the new models that include a heart rate monitor.  Tracking your food is always such a drag – especially for a foodie like me who can go to an event and try a bite of 10 different strange and unusual things – “How do I enter a quail egg truffle crustini in this thing??”   I find myself getting burnt out on tracking every single thing I eat and take breaks from it for weeks or months at a time.  I am currently on the calorie counting bandwagon, hoping to get back down to my goal weight, with a few little tweaks.  I am more conscious of the carbs/fat/protein breakdown of the food I eat and have worked hard the past 6 months to increase the protein and decrease the carbs.  I subtracted 2 bowls of cereal a week for egg white scrambles, more lean meat and fish and less rice and pasta, even trying to add protein shakes once or twice a week, though they are still not my favs.

I have had a few little setbacks with a very minor knee injury in boot camp class and a massive blister on the heel of one foot (damn you, discount shoes at Zappos outlet) and missed a few weeks of hard workouts but overall, I have kept at it every single week of this year, in some form or fashion.  Interestingly enough, I haven’t been sick for more than a day or two, no colds, flus, sinus infections, etc to sideline my workouts.  Is it because I try and live so healthy or just luck of the draw?  I may never know but I do know, I am going to keep using my Fitbit and looking for new ways to challenge myself in the next year.  I will be turning 42 this year and as I look through pictures of old high school friends on Facebook, I am AMAZED but how fantastic most of us look.  Truly.  Is 42 really the new 32?  I have no idea but I plan on doing everything I can to take care of myself, live a long, healthy life and keep sharing my tips, struggles and motivations with all of you in the hopes my journey may help you, in some small way.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!!

Fitbit 2


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