How Do These Step Challenges Work?

In my 1 year Fitbit anniversary entry, I mentioned something about Step Challenges and how motivating they can be to get you off your behind and move just a little bit more.  Well, believe it or not, I am involved (or soon to be) in THREE Fitbit Step Challenges right now:

Step 1

Fitbit offers 4 different step challenges to choose from – Goal Day, Weekend Warrior, Daily Showdown or Workweek Hustle.  So far, the most common ones I have been in are the Weekend and Workweek ones and as you can imagine, the goal is to get as many steps as possible, in that time frame and beat out of your other participating Fitbit friends.

I have never started a challenge myself but always been invited by one of my Fitbit friends.  Once you join, you can also invite some of your friends, even if they aren’t mutual between you and the person who started the challenge.  Like the current Weekend Warrior I’m in – I was invited then asked another of my Fitbit friends to join and now look how many people we have!

Step 2

Is the point to always win?  Nope.  I have only won ONE challenge out of the dozen or so I have participated in.  Some of these people can be ANIMALS but don’t let that discourage you – instead, let it be encourage to think, well, if they can get over 20,000 steps in a day, I certainly can push myself to 15,000?  What I can do to get more?  Go for a walk around the block, go on a bike ride, mow the lawn instead of letting hubby do it?  All things that get you moving more than maybe you would have before.

During the Challenge, Fitbit reports on your friends accomplishments and you can cheer them, as well as write a comment, talking a little smack or offering suggestions or encouragement along the way.

The downfall to Step Challenges – you cannot manually enter your steps so if you have a tendency to work out on any type of equipment like an elliptical, treadmill or even ride a bike, you have to be kind of tricky to get your steps to count on your Fitbit.  For me, I attach it to my shoe for the treadmill and that seems to do the trick.  For bike rides?  For some reason, and I don’t fully understand why, if I attach my Fitbit band to an old little cell phone purse I have and let it dangle from the handlebars of my bike as I ride, it counts it as steps and comes pretty darn close to the correct calorie burn for cycling!

So – do you have a Fitbit or were you thinking about getting one?  Well, here is a whole new way to make fitness fun and help motivate your friends at the same time!  Thanks so much to Ami, Jen, Nicole and all of my Step Challenge crew for always pushing me to do more.


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