My Stitch Fix Guru

I mentioned in my earliest entries that when I first signed up for Stitch Fix, I did a LOT of online research and read a LOT of reviews.  There are tons of blogs out there dedicated to the Stitch Fix experience and I have found some great ones but nothing like the one I found today!

This girl, The Box Queen, styles every item in her Fix with the most gorgeous colors and accessories, takes beautiful pictures of everything – even if she doesn’t keep the items!  I think she looks stunning in every picture and out of the box below, she only kept 1 top.  Of course, this is her 26th box so admittedly, if you read her reviews, she liked a lot of items but felt she already owned something similar:

The Box Queen

I am so envious of her style, her pictures, everything about her and this is the whole reason I joined Stitch Fix in the first place – to learn how to put together stunning outfits like this and not just a piece here and there I am lukewarm about or don’t know how to style with anything else.

*sigh*  When I have more time, I am going to go look through all her past Fixes and pin my favorites for my stylist and hope and pray I get one in this next box!

Want to help me get more Fixes?  Click on the link below to sign up for Stitch Fix today and I will get $25 on your first shipment.  Thanks for reading!


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