Trading is at a Standstill. . .

Among other things!  Is there some kind of technical glitch going on in the world that is affecting all of us?  I have been dealing with new cell phone woes of one kind or another for the past 3 weeks now and as I head into week 4, I am increasing losing my patience.  I have taken to chatting with Verizon online support every other day now, in which customer service rep so and so insists that this time, my new cell phone will be send to me THAT DAY, only to have 2 more go by with no change in my order status.

Then, Stitch Fix – they told me my order was in process on Sunday, July 5th, right after the holiday and then got a message that it was shipped on Tuesday, July 7th from Plainfield, IN.  The past 2 times, when I got this message, my box arrived promptly the next day but now, I stare at a screen saying the shipping label was printed at 2:07pm yesterday and no change in shipping status since.

My work computers are also bringing out more and more safeguards against outside intruders by blocking more and more functions, applications and websites as time goes by.  First, it was plugging in or hooking up to outside hardware so there goes printing on my home printer and loading pictures from a camera (hence why I haven’t used my actual camera in over 2 years).  Then, they took away access to our personal E-mail accounts so they wouldn’t be able to interface and accidently infect our internal work system.  Now, they have started blocking shopping and other websites like Target, anything alcohol or entertainment related (like all those fun quizzes you find on Facebook) and more.

My point?  Technology feels like it is becoming more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth sometimes.  This needs to be charged, that isn’t working right – I feel like I spend half my life trying to fix problems or issues with all of the electronic devices in my life I just HAVE to have.

Are they helpful?  Sure.  I don’t know what I would do without my phone calendar that pops up handy little reminders, no matter where I am to pick up a birthday card, call the vet to order pet food or call and make dinner reservations.  But do we rely on technology TOO much?  We have so many people and countries trying to hack all of our computer systems at any given time – I have had my credit card reissued more times than I can count and had to reset my Yahoo and Google passwords to the point the passwords are so complicated, I can’t remember them off the top of my head.  How much longer until someone is draining my bank account or stealing my identity?

I am not a paranoid person by nature, assuming that most things are out of our control and the right people are in place to find solutions to things like these.  But, the more and more things that go wrong – like United Airlines computer glitch today and the stock market trading floor at a standstill, I wonder how much longer it will be before something really catastrophic happens and is it all because I just HAVE to have this handy, dandy little palm sized computer with me everywhere I go, because I just have to be able to stream Netflix at a moment’s notice?

I find myself gravitating towards simpler, non-techie things lately to give my poor mind a break.  Like last Sunday morning, I opened my back patio door to a gorgeous morning, grabbed myself an old fashioned paper book and a cup of coffee and just read in the sunshine, while pushing myself on my porch swing. Ever notice how hard it is to put down that phone or computer and not feel compelled to touch it every 5 minutes?  Maybe if we can find and take notice of more beautiful, simple, peaceful things in the world, we don’t get so anxious when the technology around us takes a shit.

Until then, I am going to keep checking my bank account every day, just in case. . .


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