Stitch Fix #3 – July 2015!

It’s here, it’s here!  My Stitch Fix arrived late yesterday afternoon and didn’t have time to tear into it until just this morning.

For those newcomers, what is Stitch Fix?  Stitch Fix is on online styling website – you fill out a lengthy and specific questionnaire about your size, style, tastes, likes and dislikes and then, at the frequency of your choosing, the Stitch Fix stylists will send you 5 items they think you would like, based on your profile.  You have 3 days to try on all the items in the comfort of your own home, they ship them to you for free and you can send back whatever you don’t like, for free and only pay for what you keep.  The cost is a $20 styling fee, which is put towards the cost of any items you buy.  If you decide to keep all 5 items, they give you a 25% discount on everything!  Stitch Fix styles clothes and accessories like jewelry, scarves and purses – you just let them know what you would like to receive.  Every shipment, you can write your stylist a note and request specific pieces like a dress for a wedding or a cute top for a night out with friends.  It’s pretty easy!

So far, I have chosen to get a shipment once a month but you can change that at any time too.  Since I am on my third Fix, I think I am getting pretty seasoned and am quickly finding it is very tough to love all 5 items they send you so I think I may change my shipment to every other week.  It is tough to wait a whole month, only to get a box with 1 or 2 things you like.  Pretty slow way to build up your wardrobe!  I have heard the key to Stitch Fix success for you is finding a stylist that “gets” you so I was disappointed to see that I once again, have a different stylist this month.  That’s 3 for 3.

I admit, I have to be a difficult person to style.  I am only 5 feet tall, 109 pounds with a very short and wide torso.  So far, almost ALL of their tops on me, even the extra smalls have been too long so very disappointing.  This Fix was no exception but let’s get to the pictures so you can see it all for yourself!

This month, I am going to random order and greatly appreciate your feedback, as always.  Here is my box when I first opened it, so you can see all of the great colors they sent me, along with the note from my stylist this month, Dana.

SF 1

SF 2

First up, this gorgeous mint green Olive & Oak Gertrude Dress, regular price of only $48 in size S.  I was a little put off by the color, since I have never had any piece of clothing this color before but once again, a great reason to use Stitch Fix – to try things you never would have thought to try before.

SF 8

SF 13

SF 15

It is utterly adorable on and super comfortable and imagine my surprise when I discovered it has these great pockets!  I have always wanted a dress with pockets!

SF 16

It also has this cute design on the back – tough to take a picture of yourself from this angle but I gave it a go.

SF 17

You can’t tell from these pictures but the top half is a little looser than I would normally like.  It gaps a little under the arms but not noticeably so.  And for $48, this one is a definite keeper!  I can see wearing it to work with a sweater, a baby or wedding shower or even to a wedding or night out with hubby.

I pinned a top similar to this one on Pinterest so I was happy to see it in my box this month.  This is the THML Southgate Embroided Top, with a regular price of – GULP, $54 in size XS.

SF 4

SF 11

SF 18

Seriously love this top and believe it or not, this style is actually sized for my frame.  Not too long, not to wide and just the right fit up top.  It even has this cool criss cross design on the side.

SF 19

I tried pairing it first with shorts, as you can see above and then with my jean capris I got in my last Fix.  It is everything I had hoped for but at $54, is a little salty just for a top. It is lined and the embroidery is beautiful but not sure I can afford it.  I am going to have to think about this one but have a feeling, I will probably keep it.

Next, a horrible mess of a top, the Le Lis Mia Crochet Detail Top at regular price of $48 in size XS.  Once again, I have to say, this is NOT an extra small shirt, I don’t care what they say.  I could tell as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  I love the colors but it is GIANT.


SF 12

SF 20

You can see how the arm holes are way too low – you can see my bra and it hangs too far off my shoulders.

SF 21

Here is another shot, holding the shirt out so you can see how wide it is too.  Too long, too wide, too big so definitely sending this back.

Next up are 2 items together – if you read the note from my stylist, she said to pair these 2 items and again, as soon as I pulled this shirt out of the box, I knew it was going to be too big.

First is the Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee, regular price of $44 in size XS.

SF 5

SF 10

Paired with the Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt, regular price of $58 in size XS.  I have been asking for a maxi dress or skirt all summer so I was happy to see this added to my Fix.  The styling card does the pretty colors and pattern in the skirt no justice at all!

SF 6

SF 14

As you can see, styled together, these 2 are a disaster and totally overtake my tiny frame.

SF 22

I tried the tee by itself with a simple pair of shorts and what can I say?  It is a soft T-shirt but for $44?  Really too big for my tastes though you probably could pair it with a bright colored pair of shorts, a statement necklace and some fancy flat sandals and it would probably be pretty cute.  But, that is a whole lotta stuff I don’t have to make a $44 shirt work.

SF 23

Finally, the maxi.  I want to like this and I do – the colors are pretty, the fit is good and it has a nice, wide, comfy waistband that you can fold over.  I picked a different brightly colored top in my closet and I think it looks better but the shirt is probably still too loose for such a long skirt.

SF 24

I think I will probably end up buying the maxi shirt too and pairing it with this shirt or picking up something a little smaller to go with it.  Super comfy and you could just wear a t-shirt with it, but maybe a better fitting and colored one than the one they sent.

So, that’s it!  I think I potentially have 3 keepers out of this Fix, if I can swallow the price of that embroidered blue top I love.  That was the point of this whole thing though – not worry so much about the price as finding unique pieces I really like, that fit me well.  I am going to send an E-mail to their customer service and tell them I am disappointed in their choice of tops for me, size wise because that is really what I need the most.  I want to ask – do they just not have any smaller tops available?  I think I need more fitted pieces than long and flowing or they just overtake my frame.

Still, I love getting this box in the mail and seeing what they have dreamed up for me next.  Like that mint green dress!  Go figure – I never would have picked it out in a million years and look how cute it is!

Would YOU like to try Stitch Fix yourself?  If so, please click on my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment!  I actually had a $25 credit for this order, which definitely makes the $54 price on that top easier to swallow.  Help me out with another credit and join in the Stitch Fix fun!  Thanks so much for reading!


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