Fix Re-Mix – Let Me Break It Down for You

So, after my post yesterday, I decided to break down the price of all the items and decide what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.  I quickly discovered, as you can imagine, it is a great financial advantage to keep all the items in your Fix to get that 25% discount.  Here is how the numbers break down:

Mint Green Dress – $48 regular price, $36 discounted

Maxi Skirt – $58 regular price, $43.50 discounted

Crocheted Detailed Top – $48 regular price, $36 discounted

Blue & White Embroidered Top – $54 regular price, $40.50 discounted

Gray T-shirt – $44 regular price, $33 discounted.

Total for regular price for 3 items I planned to buy – $144.45 (with $25 credit)

Total for all 5 discounted items – $164.00 (with $25 credit)

For a mere $19.55 more, I could have all 5 items – but could I make it work?

My plan was two-fold – first, find someone who might like that larger patterned top I received.  I LOVE the colors, it obviously just isn’t my size.  I took the top over to my aunt, she tried it on and fell in love with it!  So, I sold it to her for a mere $20.  Why?  Because basically, now I get the gray t-shirt for FREE rather than if I had just bought the 3 original items I wanted.

So, now what to do with this gray T-shirt?  I thought about putting together a whole outfit around it – pink short, a pink statement necklace but thought, that really defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  Spending even MORE money?  And what top am I going to put with that maxi skirt?

The stylist suggested wearing the 2 together but how?  Well, I got on Stitch Fix’s Pinterest page and came across this picture:


The shirt is almost identical to the one I have and look how cute it is!  I quickly checked out You Tube for the techniques for knotting T-shirts and lo and behold, I think I have a winner!  I am including my face here, for the 1st time so you can get an idea of how the outfit actually looks on me, personally.  Sometimes I think it can be tough to tell but other times, I think my face can detract from the clothes, which is why I don’t normally include it.

SF #2 1

SF #2 2

Since the t-shirt is rather thin, I put a navy tank I already owned underneath.  My hubby loves the look, even says he thinks it looks kind of dressy, though that’s not really what I am going for.  Really just want a casual, hanging out on a Saturday afternoon kind of look. . .and it is SO comfortable!  Like you are wearing your PJs.  I absolutely love it and looks completely different than when I tried this same thing on yesterday (look at yesterday’s post to see how hideous it was!)  A whole new outfit and I didn’t have to buy anything extra!

So, now I will be keeping everything in this month’s Fix after all!  I am going to put off checking out – you actually have three business days to check out online,which for me, is Tuesday, the 14th and I figure, why have them charge my account any sooner than they have to?  I wore the white and blue shirt last night and loved the look BUT, I washed it today and I swear, I think the shirt shrunk a little bit because the lining is now hanging below the shirt!  I hope that isn’t the case and once it dries, it will look totally normal again but we shall see.

I won’t sign up for my next Fix until I check out but think I will shoot for 3 weeks rather than 2 or 4.  I think this will be a happy medium since I am averaging about $130-$140 a  shipment.  And it will give me plenty of time to figure out what I want for my next Fix!

Interested in signing up for Stitch Fix yourself?  If so, please use my link below and I will receive a $25 credit on your first shipment!  Thanks for reading!


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