Stitch Fix Customer Service ROCKS!

Still on the fence about trying Stitch Fix? Well, I have to share how credit their customer service and interaction is!  First off, Like their Facebook page.  NOW.  They post suggestions, outfit ideas and share fun pieces that you can pin on your Pinterest page for your stylist.  They also interact with you quickly so if you have a question about an item, they respond directly to your comment. For instance, I saw this fabulous top on their page yesterday and asked – is this available in petite?  Within 5 minutes, I found out it was!

Next Fix 1

Then, if you share less than delightful experiences with them, they encourage you to contact their customer service at to let them know what happened.  I have done this twice now – once when my very first Fix was totally unwearable and then just this last time, complaining about the giant, long tops they keep sending me.  Within 24-48 hours, someone personally E-mails you back and addresses your concerns.  For instance, this last time, they offered to cover the $20 styling fee on my next Fix, since they recognized they have missed the mark with a lot of items they have sent me.  How cool is that??

You also get a chance to interact with other Stitch Fix users on their Facebook page and learn all kinds of cool things.  For instance, someone commented that a shirt she got from Stitch Fix got 2 little holes in it after wearing it twice and they sent her a brand new shirt, no questions asked!  I also got a nice little conversation going Sunday night with another woman who is only 5’1″ and shared all of the items I have received that have fit me really well (like that super cool maxi skirt!).

Am I obsessed?  Maybe a little.  I did a little inventory of my closest Sunday and after trying on a few things, discovered I have 12. . .yes, 12 dresses I can wear for work or going out with friends, so think I will lay off the dresses for a little while.  LOL  To me, they are just so easy to throw on with a pair of shoes and a necklace and just GO.  So, after thinking about it a little, I added this detailed note to my stylist for my next Fix:

“Need a pair of jean shorts, see my Pinterest page for ideas. Still need more tops, can we shoot for some petites? Feel like they would be more suited to my frame. I have 3 pinned I think are adorable! Also love the Loveappella Tilly Lace Overlay Knit Tank and statement necklace, have shoes that would match perfectly. Finally, some bright colored pants, capris or jeans. Look so fun!”

I am wild about this tank and necklace I saw on Box Queen’s blog and have a pair of flowery wedges that would be fab with them!

Next Fix 2

Unfortunately, financially, I don’t think I can swing a Fix more than once a month, especially if they send me an entire box full of stuff I want to buy.  So, I have my next Fix scheduled for August 7th and so far, it usually arrives a few days before the date they give.  So, I will just have to wile away my time on Pinterest, checking out new, pretty, fun pieces to dream about until then!  Don’t worry, I will still be blogging about my healthy food efforts and suggestions for YOUR Stitch Fix closet, if you are interested in joining.

Speaking of, want to try Stitch Fix?  If so, please use my link below and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment!  Thanks for reading!


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