Perfect Time of Year to Get Out and MOVE THAT ASS!

My workouts have been suffering, I ain’t gonna lie because summer time is SO busy (and so is Thanksgiving and Christmas and Memorial Day and Flag Day . . .)!  So, I have been doing my best to figure out other ways to get off my rear end and keep myself moving, even if it isn’t an official workout.

Yesterday was a prime example.  Stuck in the office for 9 hours on one of the most gorgeous days of the year – what’s a girl to do?  Well, luckily, my company is very passionate about employee wellness, I even serve on the local office committee and encourages our employees to participate in on site fitness classes as well as a lunch time walking group twice a week.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure what has happened to everyone – maybe vacation days, work load, who knows but our group has slowly dwindled from about 6 or 7 regulars to . . .well, me.  BUT, if the weather is nice and I don’t have any meetings, I strap on my tennis shoes for 20-30 minutes and get outside for some sunshine and fresh air.  Yesterday was truly amazing.

River walk

Next up, we are blessed to have a delicious, organic, local blueberry farm just down the street from our house where we pick a year’s supply for us, every year.  July is prime blueberry time and the days are slowly getting away from us.  Next thing you know, the month will be here and gone and they will be closing down for the season.  Once again, as I mentioned, the weather was just perfect yesterday and oh, as luck would have it, they are open for picking until 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So, instead of my normal workout, I spent an hour or so walking through a huge field and crouching and stretching to pick big, juicy blueberries instead.  Not to mention bringing 15 pounds of berries home, cleaning them all, bagging them and maybe having a little blueberry fight with hubby while we did it.  We are crazy like that.

Blueberry picking

To balance my lack of workouts, I picked us up a sushi dinner on the way home from work – yes, the rice does make your normal sushi rolls very carb-y but they are low in fat, as long as you stay away from the cream cheese rolls and do have a decent amount of protein. It was a delicious, light dinner to offset lack of cardio intensity yesterday.

I hope to get back to it soon – the next couple of weeks are just nuts with foodie dinners and events, a trip to Chicago to Anthony Bourdain (I seriously cannot WAIT), which will of course, include visiting some of the amazing Chicago restaurants.  Luckily, we can offset THAT indulgence with a lot of city walking.  Let’s just hope it isn’t 90+ degrees or raining during our visit.

Tonight, hubby and I are going to be treated to an amazing experience – a local, soon to open restaurant in our town has asked our foodie group to taste test some of their dishes before they open.  They are coming into my partner’s house and cooking for an intimate group of 15 of us, just like they would if they were taking orders from us in the restaurant.  How cool is that??  Of course, that means, once again, no workout tonight.  Hmmm. . .wonder if I can squeeze in 30 minutes of treadmill at lunch today??


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