Stitch Fix #4 – August 2015!

Well, sneaking a peek at my Fix before it arrived paid off in spades, dear readers because I am not keeping one, single piece of clothing from this Fix!

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I would have been if I would have opened that box and been totally surprised by what I found.  I have to say, I could not be more surprised to find just how off the mark they are again this month.  Now, let’s remember last month’s Fix – a gorgeous minty green dress with cute pockets, my printed maxi (for this midget 5 foot tall girl!) with a soft grey T-shirt, my blue and white boho top, that unfortunately, despite my love for it, had to be returned because it shrunk ever so slightly after it was washed.  But, my stylist, Dana did a pretty darn good job finding colors and styles that I would like.  I even liked the tank I couldn’t keep because it was too big – spot on colors and style, just didn’t fit.

So, I used the trick I showed in my last post to peek at my upcoming items and Googled each, only to be disappointed with each one of them.  Save judgment until they arrive, I told myself but when I opened the box last night, I confirmed my fears and was shocked to see that Dana, was once again my stylist!

SF 1

SF 7

I almost didn’t try on the clothes for you, knowing I wasn’t going to keep any of them but I feel like I want to show the clothes so if you like or dislike them, you can keep an eye out for your own Fix.  I will slip on each, quickly, not style them and give you their names and prices.  And let me start by saying, this is the most expensive Fix I have received to date.  A double strike against them.

First up, this Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jeans in what call Burgandy but I will tell you, is more of a rust color in size 2P.  Regular price is a whopping $98!

SF 9

SF 2

SF 12

Let me start by saying, I hate the color.   Not summery at all, I asked for either white or brightly colored jeans or pants.  These are neither.  Second, they are skin tight.  I could probably make them work but the extra few pounds I am carting around right now doesn’t help.  And finally, they are $98!  Sorry, these are being SENT BACK.

Next up, the shirt in the above picture – the Collective Concepts Morah Crochet Panel Top in size XSP.  Regular price is $68.

SF 10

SF 3

Again, pretty darn salty for a shirt.  I will say I appreciate them digging up some petite shirts for me in this Fix, however, I think both are pretty ugly and not my style AT ALL.   One issue I can have with petite tops, especially extra smalls are the arm holes and shoulders.  I have rather large upper arms for my size and this shirt was tight across the shoulders. I couldn’t raise my arms all the way without stretching the shirt and the material had no give whatsoever.  But, then to add insult to injury, while the arms are too small, the top is just too darn big across again.  Too blousy, too boxy, plain colors, just not an attractive style at all.

So, of course, this one is being SENT BACK.

Then, we have another Collective Concepts top, the Phelan Blouse in again, size XSP.  Regular price of again, $68.

SF 11

SF 5

SF 13

Is it just me or does this shirt look like scrubs?  It FEELS like scrubs on – dumpy, boxy, again, not what I am looking for at all. I don’t like the design of the shirt and while we are better on length of shirt and the arm holes, it still feels too wide for me.  And for $68?  Totally not worth it, at all.  This one is being SENT BACK.

Almost done but it gets worse!  I was also disappointed to see they included a dress in my Fix.  They seem to get dresses right for me, so far but I have so many, I did not ask for one in my styling notes but they sent this anyway.  When I pulled it out of the box, right away it struck me just how close in style it is to my gorgeous blue and white paisley dress from 2 Fixes ago but once I tried it on, I saw just how different it was!

This is the Everly Maisie Striped Dress in size S.  Regular price of $58.  Can someone explain to me how those 2 tops are $68 each and this dress is only $58?

SF 8

SF 4

SF 14

This dress is HUGE!  It doesn’t fit like my other Everly dress at all.  It is shaped the same and has the same back zipper but it is way too long, way too wide and the arm straps come down so far, you can see my bra out the side.  Also, it doesn’t have lining like my other Everly dress, which makes it feel so much nicer and more comfortable.  Plus, it is BLACK AND WHITE.  How many times do I have to tell them I don’t want items with main colors of black, white, navy or brown?  I want pretty bright, vibrate or pastel colors.  So, this one is being SENT BACK, of course.

The only redeeming item in my Fix was this gorgeous necklace.  I actually had pinned it on my Pinterest page so I know Stitch Fix is looking at it before they style me.  I don’t know how they could have come up with these clothes looking at the items I’ve pinned!

This is the Zad Narini Embellished Circle Necklace, regular price of $38.

SF 6

So, out of this Fix, the only item I am keeping is the necklace.  I have some earrings that will match well and you can wear this with all kinds of things.  I will find something!

Now my dilemma – do I keep using Stitch Fix or give up?  Here it is, end of summer and I have yet to get one decent top that fits me, I like.  The whole summer gone and I could have just set aside an afternoon, trolled all the local stores and I am sure come up with something more than that.  I think I am quickly learning that if you are looking for Stitch Fix to be your main clothing source, you are going to be very disappointed.  Items are too expensives, shipments are too far inbetween and sometimes, you just want something right NOW and know what you are going to get.

The fun part of Stitch Fix, is that you will get pieces you can’t find anywhere else and if you are lucky, which I am not yet, someone who knows your tastes and style and can suggest new things for you to try.  So far, I haven’t had much luck with that, obviously.  I have to admit, after reading all of the Stitch Fix blogs out there these past 3 months, I am surprised by the inconsistency of my Fixes compared to others who are on their 20th, 30th, Fix and keep getting item after item that fit them perfectly and they love.   My cousin is having that luck – she got her Fix this week too and got a pretty dress for a wedding, which she asked for and it fits her like a glove and she has a hard time finding her size too.

I think, once again, I will complain to Stitch Fix customer service, but even that is getting old, tell them what happened in this Fix and see if they are willing to send me another free one.  They are the service’s saving grace – so far, I haven’t paid the styling fee for any of my Fixes because they can’t get the darn tops right for me.   I can’t believe eventually, I wouldn’t wear out my welcome and they would eventually tell me, there is nothing more than can do for me.  Maybe they don’t have my size there or if they do, it I never in stock.  I found that out quickly last night when I decided to pop in Urban Outfitters.  I was so disappointed to see I didn’t have a pair of jean shorts in my Fix, I had hoped to find a pair there.  They had a sale, only $39 for all their jean shorts and so many cute styles but do you think they had my size in even one of them??? NOPE.

*sigh*  What’s a 5 foot tall girl, 110 pound girl supposed to do??


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