Am I Doing Something Wrong with Stitch Fix?

Hoping some of you readers out there may already use the service and can give me tips or let me know where I may be missing the mark on communicating what I want.  After reading and going over pictures of my 3 favorite Stitch Fix blogs, I pinned a ton of shirts on my Pinterest outfit page for my stylist to see.  Here is a link to that page:

Then, here is my latest note to my stylist for another try at a Fix coming on August 22nd:

“Love a pair of jean shorts & white jeans, if you can find them. Still need colorful, fun tops for going out to dinner or dancing with friends or hubby. Youthful, no boxy styles, petite tops may need to size up to S , depending on cut. Still want summer pieces and colors. Do not need dresses right now, just shirts. My Pinterest page is updated with ideas, though some may be too big for me.”

Also, on my style profile, I have this note listed:

“Question about fit of tops above-I prefer fitted but looser tops can be OK too, if proportions are right for my short height.  Dress size close to XS, depends on fit. Prefer dressing up to go out with hubby/friends but love chic casual clothes too.  I am column shaped with no defined waist, small hips and chest.  Prefer bright, pretty colors, do NOT like black, navy or brown as main color.”

And what did I get in my Fix this week?  White, black and navy as the main colors!!

Again, I know they look at my Pinterest page before styling me because that necklace I got was exactly the one I had pinned and I love it.  I know there are tons of fun, pretty, colorful shirts out there because I see them on other blogs and on Stitch Fixes Pinterest page.  I just can’t figure out why I’m not getting them!

So, if anyone reading has any other suggestions or tales of their Stitch Fix successes,  I would love to hear them!  Thanks so much for reading and if you haven’t signed up for yet but would like to give it a try yourself, please use my link below and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment!


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