Some Styles Just Aren’t For You!

I just wanted to do a little follow up on my Stitch Fix experience from my last shipment – my last communication with Katherine, the master stylist who has taken me under her wing, indicated she has thouroughly reviewed my Pinterest page and Style Profile on Stitch Fix and feels she has a good understanding of what I’m looking for.  My next Fix is scheduled for a week from today and she is hoping to get me a great box of stuff. Unfortunately, I think we both have accepted my size might be a problem to using the service.

Stitch Fix FAQ states they style sizes 0/XS through 14/XL but Katherine admitted, they are very limited on the number of styles for 0/XS.  They also offer petites but same thing, it’s a relatively new offering for Stitch Fix so the styles they do have tend to go rather quickly.  Just for kicks, I decided to finally suck it up and visit a few of my favorite stores here in town, that offer styles similar to what I’ve been requesting from Stitch Fix.  First up, Charming Charlie’s – they have great prices, super colorful clothing and endless accessories to style your outfit.  Some may argue their merchandise is a little cheap and poor quality and while you do have to keep an eye out for that, I have had just as much luck with their pieces as some higher priced items and brands.

I was thrilled to find the store jam packed with pretty summer tops and tanks in exactly the styles I wanted.  I grabbed no less than a dozen tops, including these few pictured below, to try them on and see if I could find something that worked:



I tried to pick ones that looked a little shorter, a little more tapered and not quite so billowy and I am here to tell you – every, single, solitary one was too big.  And I don’t just mean too long, I mean proportioned all wrong.  The arm holes of each shirt fell just below the bottom of my bra.  Of course, Charming Charlie’s only sizes down to a Small and does not offer Extra Smalls right now but I can wear many other style of shirts they offer and pretty much any dress in a Small and it’s fine.  I was so disappointed to hand back every shirt that I tried on there.  I was able to buy these long sleeved shirts, which again, fit me just fine and will help transition me from late summer, into fall:



Both super cute, but just not what I was looking for.  So, I tried a local boutique store to see if I had the same problem and I DID.  No matter what style of tank or pretty summer short sleeved/sleeveless shirt I tried, all were too big.  I ended up a pretty camp shirt in pink, gray and green, which again, I can wear with shorts or jean capris in late summer then jeans in the fall.

So, I think I officially give up.  I would be utterly and completely shocked if the shirts I get next week from Stitch Fix fit because I think the styles for 2015 just aren’t made for a 5 foot tall, 110 pound woman with a short torso.  I know women with long torsos or legs have the exact opposite all the time too so I think sometimes we just have to accept, some styles just aren’t for us.  My dilemma – when I go out for fun nights with friends or hubby in the summer time, if I don’t want to wear a sundress, what do I wear?  All of my summer tops from previous years are old and worn and I want something fun you can style with a pretty necklace and earrings and wear casual with skinny jeans or nice shorts.  That’s all I have ever been looking for – just not sure what other options are out there that aren’t fuddy duddy, old people styles.  I have spent so much time researching outfits, styling, etc on Pinterest over the past 3 months, I am totally burnt out on it.  I just would love to walk into a store, try something out and walk out with something I am happy with and confident I look nice in.  Don’t we all??


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