How I Won my Second Fitbit Step Challenge

Step Challenge

Doesn’t seem like big a deal, does it?  Well, I participate in a new step challenge practically every week for MONTHS and this is only the second one I have won.  I wonder – what do these people do all day that they can move THAT much?  Unfortunately, I find myself sitting at my office job for 8 to 9 hours at a time and yes, I try and get up every hour, move around, stretch, etc but let’s face it – that ain’t gonna put you on top of other steppers out there, clocking 15,000 steps every day!

My modest step goal is 10,000 a day and I figure, if I can average over 70,000 in a week, I am doing pretty darn good.  I do have to make a point of setting aside certain days to move more, to make up for the days when I know I either won’t work out or will be stuck working longer than I would like.

So, I got to thinking, why exactly did I win this step challenge and failed at all the others?  Let’s let look at my week this past Monday through Friday, because this was a Workweek Hustle Challenge:

Monday:  8,930 steps, my worst day. I was just coming off feeling sick over the weekend so rather than a full on workout after work that night, I went out in the garden and cleaned up a little bit.  Cut down and bagged some dead plants, weeded and threw away some old annual baskets.  Carted a few bags from the back to the front but other than that, pretty leisurely stuff.

Tuesday:  16,699 steps, I believe, my best day.  Tuesdays are set aside to go walking with my aunt around a local park, which clocks in around 4.5 miles.  We aren’t setting any land speed records, it usually takes us about an hour and 15 minutes to hoof it around but we use that time to catch up, make plans for future family events and basically complain about various things.  Always feels good to get things off your chest and workouts are so much more fun with a buddy so time well spent!

Wednesday:  12,822 steps.  An odd day because I got over 10,000 steps and did NOT workout.  How?  Well, we have this lovely little local event called the Wednesday Wine Walk.  Participating downtown restaurants offer wine and food tastings for a certain price and you just walk from place to place to get your tastes.  It was a stunning night so we walked a little farther than we normally would.  Not sure those are quality steps when you are doing it while drinking but I was grateful to get out and stretch my legs, nonetheless.

Thursday:  12,635 steps.  Again, a little bit of a fluke because once again, I did not work out Thursday either.  Our office summer picnic was in the afternoon so I unchained myself from the desk for about 4 hours to hang out with co-workers on a nice summer day.  Then, after work, I had a hair appointment and did some speed shopping to start building up my sad and pathetic wardrobe, since i haven’t been able to get any Stitch Fix clothes I like.  Check out my previous blog post to see what items I picked up.

Friday:  16,450 steps.  Pretty darn close to the day I walked over 4.5 miles!  I did get a quick lunch time workout in on the treadmill but only for 30 minutes.  The rest of these steps were accomplished by cleaning my house after work.  My parents are coming to stay for 2 and a half weeks and while I don’t live in squalor, there are plenty of detailed cleaning I put off . . .and put off.  And put off some more but when parents come, you know they see these things.  I swear, my house is NEVER as clean as when they stay for their annual visit.  I probably cleaned, jamming out to some Pandora for a good 2 hours.

So, total steps for this 5 day period:  67,520 steps, which Fitbit confirms is a new personal record for me.  I doubt I would be able to recreate this, since not too often I have a whole afternoon off from work nor a need to clean my house so much on other occasions but it definitely gives me something to strive for now.  I’ve had my Fitbit since June of 2014 and I believe this is the biggest all around week I have had too.  From last Sunday through yesterday, I had 90,854 steps.  Besides my loving cup picture at the top, doesn’t that deserve a badge or something?  Anything to keep ya motivated!


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