Do YOU Shop Old Navy for Jeans?

I haven’t shopped Old Navy in a number of  years.  When I was younger, I admit most of my wardrobe came from this store and heck, they had some cute clothes, once upon a time.  But in the past few years, I haven’t been able to find any tops there that weren’t giant, boxy tents – just incredibly unflattering styles.  I used to buy work pants there too and I don’t think they have had decent office style pants in a long time either.

But, what keeps drawing me back is their jeans.  For the most part, they are usually pretty comfortable and are a decent price and last longer than you would think.  90% of my current jean stock are still Old Navy styles from years’ past but most of them are ready to be retired.  I’ve been incredibly busy lately so no time to get to the store but I get hundreds of sale and discount E-mails and Old Navy’s recent jeans sale caught my eye.  Why not just order the style and my size online, have it shipped to me for free and be done with it?

I see their styles have changed names and that just happens as the years go by, doesn’t it?  I preferred their skinny low rise jean, which I believe was the Diva and now they only have this Rockstar, skinny, skinny, super skinny Rockstar and original skinny, which is what I bought in a blue denim color and also black.  I have been coveting a black pair and a white pair of jeans, to kind of dress up outfits a little.

Old Navy Jeans

I was also thrilled to find a pair of jean shorts, exactly the kind I wanted and believe it or not, were sold out in every other size but mine!  Meant to be, right?  I see they are gone from their website but they look similar to this pair.  They even have a patriotic color pockets hanging down a little from the bottom.  So cute!

Old Navy shorts

I was happy to come home from work last night and find my clothes already here.  Only 2 business days, 4 days total with free shipping – not bad at all.  Unfortunately, as soon as I got the clothing out of the package, I quickly discovered one reason I stopped shopping Old Navy in the first place.  The blue denim pair of jeans?  Fit perfectly – love the wash, exactly what I wanted.  The black pair?  Now, remember, they are the EXACT same style, size, everything as the first pair and they were so freaking tight in every, single place – legs, thighs, hips, waist that I could feel my legs start to throb from cutting off my circulation!  So, despite my best efforts, I will have to return this pair to the store and try and exchange for a black pair that actually fits.

I see today, they are offering up to 50% off their jeans now and free shipping on only $35 but why would I take a chance on ordering another pair, only to have it arrive and see it doesn’t fit again?  Luckily, I am going to be taking some vacation time here very soon so will have more time to hit the stores than I normally do.

On a final note, I heard from my Stitch Fix stylist, Katherine yesterday, confirming she was working on my Fix and wondering if I could be a little flexible on my arrival date. She is doing her best to send me everything I have asked for and wanted a little more time to track it all down.  So, not sure if it will get here by Saturday, August 22nd as expected or sometime next week.  Either way, I am very curious to see what they turn up for me!

I finally started pinning fall clothes and outfits on my Pinterest page (check the link below and follow me for ideas) as I do realize my next Fix will be well into September, if I continue the service.  I am still just not ready to think about specific pieces I need but more just pinning general looks I like.  Something about a bright colored pant or sweater with matching shoes – is just so darn cute!


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