Stitch Fix #5 Peek

Oh no, I couldn’t help myself – as soon as I got my shipment notification, I just had to go in and take a peek.  I know a lot of people who use Stitch Fix love the surprise of opening the box but until I start getting more items to get excited about, I prefer to prepare myself before the box actually arrives!

Where to start? Well, I have high hopes for this Fix after Master Stylist, Katherine took me under her wing and said she was going to send me the best Fix possible.  So, what do I think?

Well. . .she definitely filled a few of my suggestions, specifically, like first up, this bib necklace I had pinned on Pinterest.  Love the colors and while I don’t see anything specifically in this Fix that matches it, I think I will be able to find something in my closet:

Bib necklace

And of course, jean shorts and I just posted the other day how I found some on sale at Old Navy. Well, I will try on this pair and see how they compare, then decide which to keep and which to send back:

Jean shorts

Next up, the shirts.  Now, I have to say that I don’t hate either one of them but the issue I have – they both are almost the exact same style.  I know I will gravitate more towards the patterned one than the solid but here are both of them:

Shirt 1

Shirt 2

And to be honest, looking at these pictures, I really question fit.  Both look really blousy and long, which is exactly what WILL NOT fit me.  Again, I will reserve judgment until I see them in person and try them on.

My final item is the SKIES ARE BLUE Lazio Poncho Cardigan, which I cannot find a picture of anywhere on the Internet so guess we will just have to be surprised with that one.   I really love the chevron shirt, the necklace and the jean shorts, so can’t wait for my box to arrive and try things on!

I will keep fingers, toes and everything else crossed until then that some of this not only fits but flatters.  We shall see!  I will post pictures on, as well as prices, sizes and more details on the items when they arrive.  If it shipped today, it should arrive sometime Friday, the 21st.  Can’t wait!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment!  Thanks for reading!


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