The End of Stitch Fix?

It’s been a while since I have written and I have to admit, it may be a while before I write about Stitch Fix again so if this is why you tune into my blog, this may be the last entry you read for a while.  I plan to refocus my writing efforts back to good health – exercise, eating right and less on fashion so I hope some of you will continue following me regardless.

Why?  I think Stitch Fix may just be too darn expensive for me to get regularly.  Case in point – I finally got some free time to get out shopping and found some cute and amazing deals. First up, this outfit at Target – colorful, stretchy, SHORT Merona pants that can be dressed up or down and are amazingly comfortable for only $20.99 on sale.  They are meant to be ankle length or shorter on most people but for me, they look like regular pants:

Target 1

I then paired them with this cute Merano button down shirt, which again, can be dressed up or down for only $17 on sale then add a pair of black flats I bought at the Zappos outlet in spring and you’ve got my first new fall outfit:

Target 2

Then, I stopped at Charming Charlie’s because they keep throwing $10 off coupons at me so I picked up this end of season dress for only $29 and the matching necklace (which is similar to the pic below in style but is silver and all turquoise) for FREE:

Charming Charlie 1

Charming Charlie 2

Is it super high quality stuff?  No, probably not.  Will it last a long time?  Tough to say, but probably depends on how often I wear it.  Without a doubt, most Stitch Fix items are higher quality.  However, their price point is 2-4 times more than these items and with as much as I would like to build up my wardrobe, it just isn’t in my budget.

So, I think I am going to skip my September Fix and push the next one off to the beginning of October.  I’ll be changing my clothes from summer to fall before then so I can get an idea of which items I need the most.  I have bought more clothes in the past 3 months than I have probably in the past 3 years so it was long overdue.  Now, it’s time to hang back a little bit and be really targeted in what I get.

Pants are the worst for me so I would like to go back to Target and get a couple more pairs of those pants, honestly.  Size 2 was a tad tight around the waist but I’m carrying around an extra couple of pounds so I am sure that has something to do with it.  But, the material is incredibly stretchy so there was plenty of give.  September budget is tight though so I can only hope that in a month’s time, they may still have that style left for sale.  If not, I will have to make due with the 12 or so pairs of ill fitting pants I already own.  I read a really interesting article in this month’s Glamour where a designer admitted that noone – did you hear that, NOONE can fit into most clothing without some kind of tailoring.  So, it may be most cost efficient, at this point to pick out my favorite pairs of pants in my closet, find a decent tailor and just suck it up and pay them to fit them to me better.  Do I smell my next big project??

Again, I will still order Stitch Fix from time to time but definitely not every month.  For me, it is going to be more a rare treat than a monthly staple.  For all those bloggers out there who do, more power to you but your hubby’s (or you) must make a heck of a lot more money than me!

Thinking about trying Stitch Fix yourself?  Well, if you do, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit after your first shipment!  Thanks for reading!


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