I’m On A Roll!

3 days in a row working out!  What did I do?  Here’s the breakdown:

Wednesday – Started with a 1.5 mile walk with a co-worker at lunch.  Nice to have someone else that pushes you to step away from your desk and move a little.  Then, had boot camp class from 5:15 – 6pm and I CRUSHED it.  I’ve only been to one class in the past couple of months but it’s like riding a bike, my muscles remembered exactly what to do and I was only minimally sore after.  Not to mention those endorphins – had SO much more energy once I got done.

Thursday – 2.4 mile walk around my neighborhood.  Perfect night for it too – cool temps, cloudy and even though I was tired, it felt good to get out and get some fresh air.

Friday – Working from home so over my lunch hour, did a 30 minute incline walk on the treadmill at 3.4 mph pace.  I normally stick with 3.5 mph more for longevity than to see how fast I can go.

So, how does that break down for calories?  Well, not done with today yet but started tracking my meals again and Wednesday and Thursday looked like this:


Calories burned – 1,995

Calories consumed – 1,335

Shortfall – 410 calories


Calories burned – 1,889

Calories consumed – 1,765

OVERAGE – 126 calories

In order to lose .5 pound a week, you must burn an average 250 more calories per day than you consume so while I’m not shooting to lose a lot of weight, I definitely want to be sure I am sticking close to that to not gain any more weight.

OK, so why was Thursday so much more than Wednesday?  Wellllll. . .Thursday was our monthly birthday treat day at work and has I have mentioned before, I am something of a sweets junkie.  I refuse to deprive myself of any particular food but will greatly limit it and treat myself a little more if I know I have been following the straight and narrow well. So, Thursday, I had a half of a sour cream donut, one of my favs and then a piece of birthday cake.  BUT – my piece is probably much smaller than what you would like of as a normal piece.  It was just enough to get me a taste and not feel like I was missing out. Here is a picture of the whole cake, which was HUGE:

cake 2

And here is an idea of the size of my piece – not the actual piece, just something that gives you an idea of my serving size:


I am still working to add more fruit and veggies into my diet and should be able to come up with a plan for the week when I hit the grocery store over the long weekend.  I am putting together a killer fruit salad for a backyard BBQ we are hosting tomorrow for my birthday.  I want to make sure to have good food choices on hand and not eat a bunch of garbage.  I had thought about making a great baked mac and cheese recipe but that dish represents pretty much everything I am trying to stay away from right now.  And let’s face it, I just plain don’t need it.

So, off to a great start so far – I have a Fitbit Step Challenge coming up this weekend so that will be great motivation to keep moving all weekend long.  Shouldn’t be a much of a problem though since I will be working hard Saturday to get our party set up, put the finishing touches on the house and be a good hostess to all our guests.  Can’t wait!


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