What Did We Do Before Pinterest?

I have had my Pinterest account pretty much since it first started.  I got an invite from someone to join or saw some friends using and thought hey, that looks pretty cool!  I quickly learned what a complete time sucker it is and having nothing special to plan, I strayed away from it for a LONG time.

Over the past year or so, I would come back every once in a while to pin a recipe I like or a cool sounding cocktail I wanted to try and recreate later but then I joined Stitch Fix, which highly encourages you to keep an outfit board, so your stylist can get a better idea of what you like.  Now, I am Pinterest addicted!  It has been so helpful to help me find my personal style and give me idea of how to put outfits together.  I know pieces I like but had no idea how to make them work into a whole outfit.

What’s my style?  Tough to say because I am definitely a girly girl who likes getting dressed up but I also like cool looking, casual styles too.  No sweatshirts and jeans for me, most of the time – I think you can look pulled together pretty much all the time without sacrificing comfort (sorry, all those 24/7 yoga pants wearing women out there!).

So, after pinning a TON of great looking outfits, I have set out to put them together for myself over the past few months and here is a good example of it.  First, I found this on Pinterest about a month or so ago:

Fall Outfit

I always wondered how to make a chambray shirt work and still be casual so white jeans??  Who would have thought?

For my birthday party then on Saturday, I managed to take the pieces I had collected and put them together in almost the exact same way, sans the puffy vest:

Fall Outfit 3

It was comfy, it was cute, it kept me warm on a cooler summer night and I got quite a few guys checking me out at the grocery store earlier in the day.  LOL

I have some other fun fall outfits I would like to work on – building off this chambray shirt again, I love this look with a colorful lightweight sweater over it:

Fall 4

That pretty color, that gorg necklace and those fun flats?  What’s not comfortable about THIS outfit??

So, this is my next one I’m working on – just need to the sweater, maybe the necklace and I saw similiar flats at Target the other day.  I have to admit, I have something of a statement necklace obsession and probably need to figure out how to make what I have on hand now work rather than buying another one.  Please don’t make me count how many. . .I would say close to 20 big, gorgeous, colorful ones but you can always think of just one more you need to make that outfit work!

My next Fix doesn’t come until October 9th but I feel like the days are just flying by and it will be here before you know it.  I have been checking out the September Fix blogs and am still a little blown away by the cost of some of the items.  This simple shirt, which I think is gorgeous, is $58.  REALLY?

Fall 6

No offense, Stitch Fix but I think I could find something similar to this at Target on sale for $20 or less.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to pin stuff like this so you can go back and look for it and comb the stores for a look alike.

Stitch Fix and Pinterest in general, also seem all about the drapy and flowing sweaters for fall.  Can I just say – UGH.

Fall 7

No matter what size I get, no matter what style or color I try, it just makes me look like I am wearing a giant, over sized blanket.  Maybe it works for you and if so, more power to you but I think when you are as short as I am, you just need outfits with pieces a little more fitted to your body.  Or, maybe it’s just a personal preference.

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about fashion as much and stick with healthy living. . .I still plan on doing that, just took a little detour today.  Sometimes I wonder if thinking about your outfits and fashion so much is a vain thing but let me tell you, for a big part of my life,  I never gave it a second thought, as you can see from this picture from 1999:

Fall 8

Mom shorts, dumpy T-shirt – what in the world was I thinking??  And I am only 26 in this picture . . shouldn’t I have been wearing fun, colorful things?  First though, the 90s were not kind to fashion – the baggier the better and of course, most importantly, obviously it is more fun dressing your body when you work hard to make it look good and feel good about yourself.  I definitely did NOT feel good about myself at this weight.  Does being skinny make you happy?  Absolutely not.  There are a lot of difference in my life between my 20s and 40s that make me happy, being more physically fit is just one of them.  But, I won’t lie and say it isn’t a lot more fun buying size 2 or 4 as opposed to size 10 (back then, which would probably be a size 12 or higher now, I am sure!).

Plus, in your 40s, I think you are a lot more comfortable in your own skin.  You know yourself better, you trust yourself and want to look more polished and put together.  I love getting organized with these outfits and being able to reach in the closet and know, this goes with this, this and this without much thought.  Checking back to these looks on Pinterest can help you do the same thing – even for the most fashion challenged, like ME!


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