So a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Outlet Mall. . .

I officially am done shopping for casual fall clothes.  Yup, you heard it here.  I really have no choice because I went NUTS at the local outlet mall today.  I haven’t been there in YEARS so I had no idea what to expect.  One thing I can tell you, my old favorites aren’t my old favorites anymore.  Ann Taylor, The Loft, Banana Republic – boring, boring and BORING and on top of that, they really don’t have that great of deals.  I wandered around and looked at the same tan sweaters, the same plain shirts, the same expensive pants ($70 still for stretch jeans??  No, thank you!) but happened to stumble upon VF.  What the heck is VF, you ask?  I had no idea either!  Here is a link to the store:

Cute stuff as far as the eyes could see!  Patterns, bright pretty colors, all kinds of dresses, sweaters, pants, jeans, leggings and so much more.  It’s never the type of store I would have stepped in before and I am so glad I did.  Here is what I picked up:



First up, this soft, bold plain button down for $16 along with this fleece lined, faux fur trimmed vest for $24.  I had the jeans from Old Navy then added these cute booties, which you can’t see that well but they are Jellypop Rosalie Bloom for $60 at Famous Footwear.  Here is a better picture of the boots:


Next up, I know I swore I would not get a poncho sweater but I saw the colors of this one and fell in love.  Bonus that the long sleeves fit me perfectly and the front is shirt enough it doesn’t dwarf me.  The sweater was $28 and then I paired it with this gray and maroon shirt for only $16.



I also bought the leggings, which are tough to see but they are soft fleece lined with a pattern on the outside and cost only $12.  They are soft, comfy and warm – I wish I would have bought 5 pairs!

On the outfit above, I have to admit, the base layer shirt is a little big in the shoulders, which is my fault for my not trying it on before I bought it.  It looks fine under the sweater but swims off my shoulders once I take it off so I probably would have to wear a strapless bra with it.  AND, while I still love the poncho, I can’t seem to quite position it just right on my shoulders for very long.  It fits well so I think it may just be getting used to it, since I have never had one before.

Finally, I found this cool sweater at Hot Topic while helping my 14 year old niece buy out the store.  Have you ever been in this place?  Well, I hadn’t and while 99% of it is definitely not geared towards 42 year old ladies, I loved the moto look of this sweater with the zipper pocket and the string gathering going down the sides on the bottom and it was only sale for $22.  I paired it with a pair of Old Navy black Rockstar skinny jeans and a pair of black boots I already owned.


So, now that I can officially spend no more on casual clothes, I had to think about, do I keep my Stitch Fix shipment coming on October 9th?  After much debate, I decided I will keep it but vastly changed my Stylist Note:

“Need professional shirts and sweaters for work. Shirts can be short sleeved but would love scarfs to match. Pretty bright colors and patterns, please-no navy, black, tan, white or gray and prefer fit to be close to the body and shorter rather than long and flowing because they will be paired with wide legged trousers. Also like work dresses that transition into fall and winter. Thank you!”

I looked high and low today and could find absolutely no work shirts or sweaters.  I am lousy with work pants, especially when I get a few of them tailored so then it comes down to what the wear on top.  In the past, I have paired the pants with rather casual looking sweaters, just to keep warm but nothing I could call stylish, by any means.  So, we will see what Stitch Fix comes up with and I will probably make that my last Fix until sometime after Christmas.

I think I got some great deals and hope I can enjoy these things through the fall and winter this year and for a few years to come!  So excited for the weather to finally get cooler now, so I can wear all of my cute clothes.  However, as I sit here in my living room in shorts and a T-shirt still with all the doors and windows open, I don’t want to wish this gorgeous Indian summer weather away!


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