Stitch Fix #6 Sneak Peek

So, let’s do a recap of what I asked Stitch Fix for, why don’t we:

“Need professional shirts and sweaters for work. Shirts can be short sleeved but would love scarfs to match. Pretty bright colors and patterns, please-no navy, black, tan, white or gray and prefer fit to be close to the body and shorter rather than long and flowing because they will be paired with wide legged trousers. Also like work dresses that transition into fall and winter. Thank you!”

I just got a message my Fix shipped today and to my extreme disappointment, I see once again, it looks like Stitch Fix ignored everything I requested.

First up, the Margaret M Christiana Pencil Skirt – $78.  I realize it can come in many different colors and patterns but here is an example of one:

Pencil Skirt

I did update my Stylist Note above to include the following instructions – no pieces where you have to tuck in a shirt.  Hmmm, is there a way to wear a pencil skirt WITHOUT tucking the shirt in?  Guess I will have to wait to see the outfit suggestion card.

#2, 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – $48


Is it just me or did they not see the request for no long, flowing items?

#3, Brixon Ivy Galvez Lace Inset Blouse – $58  Again, the color may change but this is the style:


A sleeveless shirt for fall and winter??

#4, Collective Concepts Rialto Dress – $88


While I do like this dress and the colors, if this is the pattern I get, again, a sleeveless dress for fall?  It would have to be a little bit heavier material then with a cardigan or a long sleeve shirt under it, might work.  This is my favorite, by far.

I couldn’t find the last item, the Collective Concepts Kinsley Dress – $98 but for that price, I doubt I would keep it unless it was just stunning.

So, my dear friends, unless these clothes fit much better than I expect, I think this will be my last time using Stitch Fix.  I really don’t think they listen to my style notes and if they do, they just don’t have the items I want.  I have had much better luck going through Pinterest, finding outfits I really like and copying them.  For those using Stitch Fix and getting clothes you love, more power to you.  I love the concept and convenience but if you can’t get things that flatter you that you need, then what’s the point?

Well, it was fun for a while but now it’s just plain frustrating.  I just know that everyone once in a while, I have to set aside an afternoon or evening, armed with a few outfit ideas and go out shopping myself.

My Fix should arrive in a couple of days so pictures of the items on me to come!


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