Stitch Fix #6 – October 2015

Doorbell rang around 1pm this afternoon – my Fix had arrived!  If you remember from my last entry, after taking a sneak peek at my Fix after receiving my shipment E-mail, I didn’t have very high hopes and I am sad to say, they were mostly confirmed. . .with a few exceptions.

First, let me say, I was VERY impressed when I opened the box and saw the colors.  Totally gorgeous and exactly what I am looking for:


My stylist note was short and sweet and honestly, not very informative or helpful  And once again, I have a new stylist.  I think that makes my 4th or 5th in just 6 Fixes.


Before we get to each item, I would have to say my biggest disappointment this time is with the price point.  If I were to buy every single item in this Fix, at the retail price they are asking for them, it would be a whopping $370 for 5 items of clothing.  That is just ridiculous.  Of course, if you were to buy all 5, you get the 25% discount but that takes it down to only $257.50, still, a LOT of money.  Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about that.  So, let’s get down to it and find out why!

If you remember my stylist note, I asked for work clothes – fall dresses and fitted shirts and sweaters to wear with wide legged trousers I already own.  For the most part, they totally ignored my request, once again but they did send me 2 dresses so let’s take a look at them first.

First up is the Collective Concepts Kinsley Dress in Dark Pink, retail for $98 in size Small.

SF 3

SF 9

Out of the box, this is very startling dress.  The pink is VERY hot pink and the black, which is hard to tell is sparkly.  So, unfortunately, while pretty, not exactly what I would consider work, business appropriate – more like party, evening wedding.

SF 13

It’s a fit and flare dress, which I love after my mint green dress from a few Fixes ago but it fit very oddly.  First, the waist is very tight for a small and then, in order for it to fit correctly, you need to be a good 2 – 3 inches taller.  Once I got it zipped, it was so baggy around my top that it gaped horribly.

SF 14

Definitely RETURNING.

Next dress is the exact one I found online during my sneak peek. The Collective Concepts Rialto Dress, retail price for $88 in size SP.

SF 6

SF 10

Again, I love the color, perfect for fall.  I wasn’t sure about a sleeveless but with the right sweater, it could work.  My dining room light is casting a weird yellow glow on it but trust me, the colors are beautiful.  I also greatly appreciated them trying to send me a petite but unfortunately, this one isn’t petite enough.

SF 15

Short enough, for sure but something funky is going on with this top.  It is just TOO darn big.

SF 16

I knew as soon as I pulled it out of the box it would be too big and as predicted, the top is literally falling off me.  I am not exactly small chested either – not big chested but not small either and just did not look good at all.

So, this one will be RETURNED too.

Then, they tried to throw a pencil skirt at me.  Again, I said one of my criteria was that I did not want any piece I would need to tuck in my shirt.  A nice Facebook friend pointed out that I could buy a fitted crew neck sweater and wear it with a pencil skirt and a statement necklace and it could be quite cute so I decided to be a little more optimistic about it.

This is the Margaret M Christiana Pencil Skirt in Teal Green, retail price of $78 in size XS.

SF 4

SF 12

This is a heavier material and a darker color than I was expecting.  And to be honest,  right now, I have absolutely no top in my wardrobe that goes with anything like this so for simplicity sake, I paired it with a plain grey T for the picture.

SF 17

The only compliment I can give it is that’s it comfy.  It was a wide elastic waist band that is very forgiving but almost too accommodating.  You can see my little tummy roll there and it is about 3 inches too long, hitting well below my knees so not flattering at all.

This skirt will definitely be RETURNED.

So, I am thinking – where are my fall work tops and sweaters?  Fall, winter – I am thinking sweaters, cardigans, long sleeves and they sent me this tank top instead.  Again, I adore the color but not what I was looking for – AT ALL.

This is the Brixon Ivy Galvez Lace Inset Blouse, retail price of $58 in size XS.

SF 7

SF 8

The detail is very pretty and intricate but I don’t know how many more times I can tell Stitch Fix that I want more fitted clothes and to quit sending me this boxy stuff.  Yet, it just keeps on coming. . . .

SF 18

I paired it with the wide legged trousers I needed shirts for and as you can see, it’s a mess.  Yes, I could tuck it in but again, remember?  I asked them for no shirts that need to be tucked in.  I swear, if I did, it would look like my waist band was at my boobs, that is how short waisted I am.

SF 19

Ends up, it really doesn’t matter because once again, the top is way too wide anyway.  For all those out there who think they can’t try Stitch Fix because they are too big – THINK AGAIN.  Remember – this is an extra small shirt.  I think their sizing runs at least 1 size bigger than they say, so this really is a small or even a medium in some other stores.  I have a few more thoughts on that but will save them until after my last item.

So, I pull the last thing out and see it is a long, flowing cardigan.  Again, a specific item I included in my stylist note NOT to send.  No, long flowing tops, ponchos or cardigans because they usually do not fit me right.  But, I figured, what the hell, I will try the sucker on.  If I can’t find at least one item I like, I will be out the $20 styling fee for NOTHING (well, not nothing because I would once again complain to Stitch Fix and make them refund it, as they have for about half my Fixes so far).

My final item is the 41Hawthorn Abrianna Long Sleeve Knit Cardigan, retail price of $48 in size XS.

SF 5

SF 11

Out of desperation, before I had any other thought, I slipped the sucker on and was amazed to see that it ACTUALLY FIT.

SF 20

SF 21

I couldn’t have been more shocked. From the moment I put it on, it fit like a glove.  It hung right, fit on my shoulders right, the sleeve length was perfect and it was soft and comfortable. Sounds like a win, right?

Not so fast – I asked for WORK CLOTHES.  I would never wear this to work because it only looks right with skinny jeans or leggings.  As a general rule, I try not to wear those to the office because I work in a CPA firm and while I could get away with it, I just don’t think it looks very professional.  I just bought a TON of casual clothes so didn’t really need anymore and unfortunately, already have another 2 or 3 tops and sweaters in this exactly color.  But, because I don’t want to lose my styling fee, I am going to KEEP it.

So, once again, I find myself asking the question – do I press on and see if they can come up with more clothes for me or do I just give up?  I enjoy the experience of the delivery, of trying on the clothes at home and the uniqueness of the items, heck, I have even eased up and don’t stress if I don’t like all 5 things.  But when the fit is still so bad, I just can’t help but believe they just don’t have a lot of items for me.  If I keep returning things and telling them exactly why they didn’t work, will they eventually figure out better items suited to my frame?  I have a hard time believing that is possible when I get a new stylist every Fix.  Wouldn’t you need to have the same one over and over again who is familiar with you and understands how you are built?

I will think about it and probably schedule another Fix but may push it off or cancel it altogether.  I need time to consider my options and now that I received basically no work tops, yet another shopping trip to try and find some reasonably priced items for this fall and winter.  I cleaned out my closets as I moved from summer to fall and got rid of a lot of things so the rack is looking mighty bare.

Thinking about trying Stitch Fix yourself?  Please use my referral link below and I will receive a $25 credit on your first shipment!

Thanks so much for reading!


5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #6 – October 2015

  1. If you’ve had a stylist that did a good job ask for her again. I feel that building a relationship is best instead of having a new one every time. If you don’t specify a specific stylist you’ll just get a random one each time. I’ve had the same one since fix 1 and love her personalized notes! Hope that helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will go back and look to see my best ones and who my stylist was. I don’t understand why they keep assigning you new ones, I had no idea! How can anyone get to know if you if they keep changing each time??

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I went back and looked at my Fixes and only 2 have been fabulous – one by Dana but she also went me a really lousy one and another by Katherine, who was the master stylist who was supposed to get me back on track last time. Maybe I should E-mail customer service and ask for one I have already had, maybe Dana since she has done two?


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