Eat To Perform – 1 Week Check In

So, I thought now that I’ve been following the Eat to Perform recommended eating program for a week now, I would check in with you and let you know how it’s going.

For a week now, I have been eating at least 1,800 -2,000 calories and at least 100 grams of protein.  I gave myself 1 rest day to not track my calories and not worry so much about jamming protein in.  I still was conscious of what I was eating but not so strict about it.

First thing I discovered, there is still plenty of room in this plan for carbs.  I had a half a donut, I had cake, I had pizza, I had homemade apple crisp. . .but one thing this eating plan does NOT track is alcohol.  Alcohol is a whole different group of calories – it isn’t a carb, a fat or a protein and right now, those are the only things I am monitoring so I have to be careful not to go too far over my calorie guidelines with too much alcohol.  However, I can tell you in this past week, I have on at least 3 days for sure.

Second, as I mentioned before, it is tough to get enough good fats in there.  I am working on that – I bought 1% and then 2% milk rather than skim this week, I bought 2% fat yogurt rather than nonfat and I am eating the whole egg now, rather than egg whites.  I have also added more nuts, cheeses and hubby has jumped on the bandwagon grabbing locally made beef jerky and beef sticks at our local butcher.

I know, I know – all you want to know is, have I seen any results?  Well, I am astonished that in just one week, I think I have!!

Weight change –  Down 2.2 pounds

Body Fat change – Down .5%

OK, so the body fat hasn’t moved down too much just yet and while my goal isn’t to lose more weight, it is definitely coming down.  I heard you have to reach a plateau before you gain a little weight back in muscle then the body fat will start to come down more.  The most fun thing so far is – I AM EATING MORE!

Now, while I’m eating more, I definitely have been working out more too.  Here is what my workout schedule looked like the past week:

Sun, Oct 4th – 2.5 mile walk

Mon, Oct 5th – 45 minute Pilates class

Tues, Oct 6th – Off

Weds, Oct 7th – 1 hour Boot Camp class

Thurs, Oct 8th – 2.5 mile walk

Fri, Oct 9th – 20 minutes of Crossfit and strength training

Sat, Oct 10th – 15,609 daily steps tailgating at a local college campus

Sun, Oct 11th – 7 mile bike ride, average speed, 10.9 mph

I have to keep in mind, yes, it has only been a week but I am hopeful since I appear to be moving in the right direction.  Also, this plan is pretty easy, I can plan out almost my entire day of eating ahead of time to make sure I am going to hit my grams goals.  Please let me also note – I HAVE worked out like this before.  In fact, this has pretty much been my normal routine for years but I have NEVER seen results like this before!  My husband is also quick to point out that he has been saying I’ve been eating too little for a long time. Strictly following MyFitnessPal or Fitbit calorie counters, I am usually right on the money but as Eat to Perform points out, those targets are WAY too low for someone who works out regularly.  I am beginning to see the light!

Now, for week 2, I am leaving on vacation on Thursday and will be dining out a majority of the time.  I may not track my meals but I think as long as I stick with making a protein source my main meal and add things here and there, I should be able to stay on track.  Of course, I am going to have some amazing things available to me (i.e. Bloody Marys at brunch!) so I will definitely be splurging more than usual.

The other issue with be workouts – I won’t be exercising regularly on vacation but will do my best to keep myself moving.  Get up and take a walk before we head out for our days, one day we have planned to go hiking in a local park, sightseeing, hopefully, it will add up.  I told my hubby, we need to try and make it fun and maybe do a burpee challenge one day, just to mix it up.  Note – he will totally kick my ass but at least it will be something to motivate me and push myself more than if I just did it on my own.

So, stay tuned to see how week 2 turns out and how my numbers change by then!


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