Stitch Fix #6 Follow up

I went ahead and scheduled my 7th Fix for Friday, November 6th.  Think I am a little addicted?  Well, that’s because Stitch Fix IS addictive!  When I checked out with Fix #6, I did my best to be as descriptive on all items I did not buy and included this final comment at the end:

“I know my height is an issue and it’s tough to find things to fit someone so small.  I will take that chance and continue to order but get frustrated when it feels like my stylist ignores my specific dos, don’ts and items I need.  The colors are much better than past Fixes but the items are still styles I do not like but maybe there are only so many items available for my size at my price point.  I will keep ordering for the fun of it but have been doing a lot more shopping to find things I need in my wardrobe on my own.  Also, I use Pinterest exclusively to show styles and pieces I want and need so please check that before sending my next Fix.  Thank you!”

I probably should mix up what I ask for – maybe go with some pants next time but I need what I need, right?  I will look around on my own if I have time in month but just in case, I asked for pretty much the same thing again.  Here is my Stylist Note for the next one:

“Need fitted business/work tops, sweaters or short cardigans only, no long/boxy cuts. Still would like fall/winter dresses that could be professional for work or dressed up for going out. Have a lot of purple/maroon for fall so need other cold season colors-orange, bright red, royal blue, kelly green, pink, etc. Would love pretty scarfs to pair or maybe a short blazer. I have a lot of looks on my Pinterest page I like. Prefer not to tuck in shirts so the shorter, the better.”

I will keep reading other Stitch Fix bloggers and enjoying the items and experiences they have, I will keep using Pinterest to find outfits I like to give myself shopping ideas and I will keep hoping that maybe my next Fix will be better.  But, I have to admit, I couldn’t afford to buy all 5 items in my Fix every time they went them so probably for the best I get a mix of things I love and hate – easier on the pocketbook because it would be tough to send back things that looked and fit fabulous every time.

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit when your first Fix ships.  Thanks so much for reading!


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