Week 2 – A Little Bit of a Break

OK, so Week 2 on Eat to Perform didn’t go so hot.  Or, it really didn’t go at all.  The day before we left on vacation, I had a work dinner with my boss from out of town so it was pretty much impossible to keep track of everything we had that night – and it was just downhill from there.  I did my best to make smart choices but ate more carbs than I normally do.  Glorious delicious carbs like herb biscuits and cheesy grits and short rib ragu and Kentucky Bourbon pie. . .you get the idea.

The biggest setbacks?  Well, I didn’t work out.  AT ALL.  I took my workout clothes but unfortunately, I have a sort of infected big toe that made walking kind of painful, let alone pounding the pavement for a brisk walk or Crossfit workout.  So, I think the vacation was good for letting it heal but not great for the poundage.  Speaking of poundage, I know I gained some weight and pretty darn fast.  Disappointingly fast.  I stepped on the scale on Saturday and was already up 2.5 pounds from my last post.  I can only imagine where my body fat is.  I wanted to step on the scale this morning but was feeling so incredibly lousy (girly issues), I couldn’t bring myself to stand there.  So, we will get the bad news in the morning.

The other setback?  Wonderful alcohol!  We went on the Bourbon Trail and tried all different kinds and had a glass or 2 (or 3) before bed every night, a few mixed drinks, some beer and ALL those extra calories weren’t helpful either, I’m sure.  I thought about it each and every time I consumed them but it wasn’t powerful enough to stop me.

But, isn’t that what vacation is supposed to be all about?  Relaxing, leaving real life behind, having fun, not thinking about every painstaking calorie or step you take.  I made some smart choices too – I didn’t eat much of the pasta in my short rib ragu but all of the meat, even though it was kind of rich.  I got a delicious bouillabaisse for dinner one night with fresh pieces of fish, mussels and clams.  I ordered dessert one night and only had 3 bites – happy to throw the rest of it away.  It was worth it to me, to pay for those 3 little bites just to see what it tasted like.

And that’s all you can do really, right?  Do the best you can, try and make smart choices, but not be too hard on yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up for the bad days, just start anew the next.  I started anew today and am right back on track.  I walked 40 minutes, hard on the treadmill last night, getting ready for a weight workout now.  I have plenty of grams of protein, carbs and fat left after dinner to have a nice after workout snack and only have 12 more grams of proteins to go to hit my goal.

So, today is a new day.  I will report my weight and body fat change after Week 3, which will be this coming Sunday so we can see if it gets closer to where I reported last post or stay higher, like I can tell it is now (How?  By some tight ass waist bands on my pants!).  I am hopeful that I was headed in the right direction and it will be good practice to keep on this eating plan as we get closer to the holidays.  OMG, did I just say that?  Reality check – only 37 days until Thanksgiving!  AHHHHHHH!

On a final note, I picked up the last few items I needed to complete another Pinterest look.  Can’t wait for the weather to get a little bit cooler (did I just say that??) so I can try it all on.  I have to say, it looks pretty darn cozy and comfortable!

Pinterest Poncho


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