In Anticipation of Stitch Fix #7

I think I have been using Stitch Fix long enough to realize they are not going to deliver me 5 perfect items, no matter what info I give them, no matter how many gorgeous outfits I pin.  Which is fine, really because I couldn’t afford to buy all the pieces every time anyway!  So, as we transition from summer to fall, I am finding myself a little light in the work clothing department, which is what I asked for in my next Fix coming November 6th.  But, with a little time to kill at Target this afternoon, I took my time, walked through the store and put together these 3 outfits, all for under $120 (I did, already own, all of the dress pants shown below so that amount is for the sweaters, leggings and jewelry).

First up, this cute sweater dress and leggings.  I have finally thrown in the towel and realized I am being a little outdated by feeling leggings aren’t work appropriate.  As I look around the office, I see tons of cute, professional looking outfits and they are super comfy so why not jump on the bandwagon?


I am not a fan of plain colors like black, white, gray, brown without some other pop of color but I made this work for me by picking a sweater with a mix of black and white then adding this fun little owl necklace to it.  I also got these patterned leggings which I ADORE and I think go well with it.


Next up, this Fair Isle mustard, white and gray weather.  I know that this yellow color is hot this fall and I told myself I would not buy it, under any circumstances but I am sucker for these sweaters so it made it work for me.  However, I am discouraged to discover, the work pants I had planned to pair with it, don’t have enough contrast in it to work with the sweater.  It looks pretty darn plain.


The pants are a nubby material and have both black and white in it, as you can see from this closeup but I still don’t think I like the look of them with the sweater.


So, I tried them with a completely different colored pants – tan and I think this is pretty much disaster too.


I think a winter white dress pant would be gorgeous with this sweater so I will keep an eye out for a pair but until this, I think this may just get worn with jeans on casual days or out and about on the weekends.

Finally, my favorite find – this delicate light pink sweater, the perfect backdrop to a beautiful statement necklace and earrings.


I am in love with this set and the necklace was on clearance for only $11.99!


So, now all I need is for it to get a little bit cooler.  I have been stocking up on these warmer clothes and it has still be in the 60s and 70s the past couple of weeks – not quite warm enough to drag the summer clothes back out but too warm for sweaters and pants.  I know, I shouldn’t complain because in another couple of months, when the snow is flying, I will be dreaming of 60 degree days!


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