Stitch Fix #7 Sneak Peek

My Fix has shipped and so of course, once again, I had to take a little peek at what was to come.  I think the thing I liked the best is while I can usually find the pictures online somewhere, you still have no idea what color is coming to you – so you aren’t totally ruining the surprise.

MANGROVE Sidney Colorblock Wrap Scarf – looks like it comes in 3 different colors online.  Looks a little lightweight for winter but we will give it a go.

Item 1

MARKET & SPRUCE Avah Knit Top – I like this one and if it fits me right, I think I would keep it.

Item 2

41HAWTHORN Teegan Draped Blazer – the reviews I have read on this quickly don’t sound too positive.  Most say it is ill fitting and an usual style.  Tough to pull off unless it fits you just so.

Item 3

LOVEAPPELLA Kayla Dress – I am not exactly sure why they are still sending me sleeveless dresses for fall and winter, especially when I pinned a handful of ones with sleeves as examples.  Sure, I can wear a cardigan with it but would be nice to have more fall/winter looking pieces.

Item 4

PAPERMOON Etsie Dress – again, another sleeveless and I feel like they have already sent me styles similar to this a few times.  Kind of plain Jane but again, I don’t know what color they went me.

Item 5

So, there you have it!  Again, the pictures above are NOT the ones I received but ones I found on the Internet when I Googled the items above.  I have no idea what size or color they are sending, only the prices, which seem very reasonable for this Fix, so that’s nice.  My box is set to arrive on Friday, November 6th so stay tuned for my pictures, trying everything on!


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