Stitch Fix #7 – October 2015!

I feel like I am getting pretty seasoned at this Stitch Fix thing so I have to admit, after numerous disappointments over my last Fixes, I try not to get my hopes too high and just take it with a grain of salt.  Get some good things – great, if not, no big deal, just send them back.  I think going into it with that kind of attitude really helps.  Oh, and getting a FABULOUS Fix like this one!

SF 1

First off, I have to say, I LOVED this stylist note!  I appreciate the fact she specifically mentioned how to wear the pieces and how to pair 2 items together.  That is exactly what I need and have wanted.  After trying all of these items on, I think Hannah is a keeper!  She is happy, she is upbeat and she made me excited to check out what was inside the box.

SF 2

So, what did I get?  Here we go!  First off, please excuse my pictures – you only get the outfit tonight because I had a tough 40 minute Crossfit workout right before this so I am kind of sweaty and am pretty much a mess.  But, it was still fun snapping my pictures for you!

SF 7

I am going to start with my favorite and work my way down.  It also is the order I happened to try everything on too.

First up, this Papermoon Etsie Dress in size XSP.  Did you hear that?? PETITE!  Regular price of $78.

SF 6

SF 12

SF 13

I have to say, I adore this dress.  It fits perfectly, the color is gorgeous (which might not be obvious from my pictures) and the material is so soft and comfortable, yet it still looks dressy.  Perfect for work.  I paired it quickly with some black heels but I can totally see wearing this with black tights, a black layering shirt underneath and boots.  LOVE so this is definitely a KEEPER.

However – Hannah suggested pairing this dress with the blazer included, which I will talk about a little later.  I’m sorry, I just don’t see these 2 colors going together and seem totally different styles.  One is dressy and the other is more casual.

SF 14

So, we will NOT be wearing the blazer with the dress but let’s move on.

Next up, this Loveappella Kayla dress in size SP, regular price of $78.

SF 5

SF 8

SF 15

First off, kudos to Hannah for recognizing this dress runs smaller than the first one and sending a small instead of an extra small.  Next, I adore the pattern of this dress!  It is so fun and I am a big sucker for pockets too.  It fits like a glove and I totally could see pairing it with tights and booties for winter, just like my stylist suggested.  HOWEVER, the material of this dress is SO thin.  I just don’t know if I would be warm enough in the fall and winter to keep it.  I will probably kick myself for doing this but I think I will be SENDING this one BACK.  If it were summertime, I would totally keep it.

Then, we have the Market and Spruce Avah Knit Top in size XS, regular price of $58.

SF 3

SF 10

SF 16

I was most excited about this shirt when I saw it online but unfortunately, my fears were confirmed – it is just too darn big for me.  This dolman sleeve style is tough to pull off when you are so short because the dip of the neckline is SO deep and the shirt is so long, I think it makes my legs look stubby.  Here is another picture that shows it better.

SF 17

I really wanted pieces to wear to work and unfortunately, I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a shirt this low cut to work.  I tried pairing it with the scarf, like the stylist suggested but that is a whole lot of pattern and color going on.

SF 18

Speaking of the scarf, this is piece #4, the Mangrove Sidney Colorblock Wrap Scarf, regular price of $44.

SF 9

The colors are gorgeous and it is kind of a plaid pattern, really cute so I tried again to make it work with this shirt.  Why, I’m not sure since I know I’m not keeping it.

SF 19

So, I decided to try and put it all together with the final item I received, the 41Hawthorne Teegan Draped Blazer in size XS, regular price of $78.

SF 4

SF 11

I didn’t think I would like the blazer as much as I did because it didn’t get many rave reviews in other SF blogs I read.  However, I love the polka dot lining and it actually fit me quite well.  You can roll up the sleeves and button them or you can leave them long, like I did here.  It also have nice pockets and fits really well.

SF 20

However, I am not wild about the color.  I liked the scarf and blazer so much, I went through my whole closet and tried to find other things to pair them with and just couldn’t come up with anything.  Also, both of these items seem pretty casual to me – I could wear the blazer with jeans and stuff but again, I was really looking for items to wear into the office.  I just don’t think this quite fits the bill.

So, right now, my initial reaction is to keep the first dress and send the rest back.  What do YOU think?  I think a dress for $78 is a good deal, especially when I love it so much.  It will be great for work and I will still feel cute yet professional and warm at the same time.

I am excited for my December Fix now and when I check out, I will definitely be asking for Hannah again for next month.  Not sure exactly what I will ask for, since I still haven’t had much luck getting shirts and sweaters, which is what I need most.  Maybe I will try for some dress pants and see what they come up.  I would like some fun colors I could wear with sweaters or cardigans for work.   Something different than the plain Jane black or gray dress pants and shirt with black boots.  Let’s mix it up a little bit and I think Stitch Fix can help me do it!

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  If so, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit  when you get your first shipment!  Thanks so much for reading!


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