Looking Forward to Fix #8!

I have a long way to go – my next shipment isn’t set to approve until Friday, December 11th for a couple of reasons.  First, that  weekend of December is just nuts for me and second, I actually have December 11th off so I will have a little longer to play with some looks once I get my Fix.  Thanksgiving is next week and we will have family in town, tons of get togethers then month end at work starts the week after that so figured I better start thinking about what I want next month NOW.  Here is my Stylist Note, so far:

“Looking for a pair of winter white pants to pair with colorful, festive sweaters for the holidays. Need casual and also more business appropriate light sweaters for pulled together, yet comfortable looks at the office and at home. Would love some fun looks with a top and scarf pairing to wear with leggings and boots for nights out. I would like to request Hannah as my stylist again. Loved her ideas, suggestions and fun attitude!”

I’ve been trying to sit down with Pinterest and get some ideas of specific items I’m looking for but has anyone else noticed that Stitch Fix hasn’t been updating their Pinterest page with specific items very much lately?  Its fine to pin general looks you find but I feel like if you can pin specific Stitch Fix items, it gives them a better idea of what to look for and send you.  I am going to keep at it though if anything, just to give me some ideas of looks I would like to put together myself this weekend.  I did a great job of updating my wardrobe for fall and have a lot of fun things but now it is time to start thinking about winter and the holidays.  I admit, I have some things I’ve bought that I haven’t even worn yet because believe it or not, it hasn’t gotten cold enough yet!  November 18th in northern Indiana and I can’t wear my poncho cardigan because I would sweat to death in it.  It’s still 60 degrees and rain today, though it looks like this warm weather is finally on its way out tonight and tomorrow.

I need to comb the November Stitch Fix blogs and see what others have gotten and liked too.  The few I have seen, seem to always have some kind of draped/poncho sweater.  I almost put on my stylist note not to include these but I need to be a little more adventurous and see what they come up with.  They have to be learning by now, just how small I am and how certain styles can just drown me.   They look so good on other people so maybe if I could get one proportioned just right, I would love it.  I wear this super lightweight burgundy draped cardigan I got in Fix #6 all the time and get tons of compliments on it and I can honestly say if they hadn’t sent it, I would never have picked out something like it myself.

SF 21

See?? That’s the most fun thing about Stitch Fix, isn’t it?  Trying new things and having someone else make suggestions, give you permission to get a little nutty?  I will admit, I got scolded and called out on the Stitch Fix Facebook page for giving someone the instructions on how to peek at their Fix before they received it but some of us are like kids on Christmas morning – we just cannot WAIT that long!

So, over 3 LONG weeks to go so I will have to get online and live vicariously through all of you as you get your end of November and beginning of December Fixes!

Would you like to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  Just go online and fill out a questionnaire about your size and style preferences then scheduled your shipment today.  Use my referral link below to sign up and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment.  You only pay a $20 styling fee, will receive 5 items in the mail to try on at home and send back the items you don’t like.  You only need to buy one thing from your shipment and your styling fee is put towards the purchase of that item.  Get online, Google their clothes – they are beautiful and fun!



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