Stitch Fix #10 – April 2017

Stitch Fix, you are breaking my heart but in a GOOD way this time!  I had such lousy luck with you in 2015 but I swear, you must have changed your sizing, your stylists, something because once again, you have knocked my Fix out of the park! The ONLY downside – I don’t know about you but for me, all 5 pieces are just a tad on the pricey side, even asking for the most reasonably priced items they sell.  Is anyone else running into that issue? Well, before we condemn them just yet, let me show you all about my Fix this month!

SF 04.07.17 4

This girl is winging down to Florida on vacation in about a week and asked for pieces I could take down and enjoy the beach and sunshine.  Once again, I was blessed with Samantha as my stylist and I’m incredibly impressed with her picks this month.

First up, this fun and beautiful Collective Concepts Kailey Dress in Coral, size S with a regular price of $78.  I have it paired with the Seven Hills Laurel Chain Crossbody purse in a soft Grey that matches this dress nicely.  Regular price for the purse is $38.

SF 04.07.17 1

I love this dress – it is flowing, romantic and a gorgeous color.  HOWEVER, I admit my heart sank a little when I saw the size was Small and not XS.  I am VERY short waisted and many dresses with a defined waist like this can be too long from shoulder to waist and unfortunately, this is no exception.

SF 04.07.17 1.5

As you can see, the arm holes are a little too low, the front, a little too blousy.  It has a handy snap in the front so it keeps the top nice and closed but moving around from side to side, I noticed the wrap portion of the top moving just a tad too far and showing a little too much. . .chest.  I am going to play around with this and see if a tank under would look OK but my guess, since the neckline is so low, is it would just take away from the beauty of this dress too much.  I am 50/50 on keeping it right now but if I were a betting woman, I would say I’m sending it back.

As for the purse, it is a beautiful material – very soft and I love that it has 2 deep snap pockets on the outside and a zippered pocket on the inside with more compartments in that to store things.  However, I am a big purse girl and this purse is too small for my phone to even stand upright – I would have to lay it on the side, which isn’t a big deal but usually not my style.  I already have a red Coach cross body purse that I barely use now but I think that’s more because of the color – this purse would truly match everything.  If I keep the dress, I will keep the purse to get the 25% off.  If the dress goes back, so does this bag.

Next up, the Fun2Fun Carlaton Halter Blouse in Mint, size XS with a regular price of $44 paired with the Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jeans in Dark Pink, size 2P with a regular price of (GULP!) $98.

SF 04.07.17 2

I adore this outfit but damn it, Samantha, why do you keep sending me $98 jeans when I tell you NOT to?  Oh, I know why – because they fit like a GLOVE.  I am a sucker for colored pants and if you saw my last Fix, she sent me a pair of turquoise skinny jeans I love as well.  I rationalized that pair, the same way I will these – I never can find my size ANYWHERE, I rarely find colored jeans or pants either and yes, they are expensive but geez, I’m a 43 year old, gamely employed woman.  If you are able, I think it’s OK to step away from Target or the clearance rack at Banana Republic and treat yourself, every now and again. Especially for something you really love.  And I REALLY love these pants.

SF 04.07.17 2.5

The top is just an added bonus – this is where Stitch Fix has made the biggest improvement for me.  In the past, all the tops they sent were giant tents on me – too long, too billowy, arm and neck holes too big but this year, they all fit perfectly.  This shirt covers the rear nicely, the material is light and comfortable for hot Florida days and I paired it with one of my favorite pair of Italian sandals with multi colored flowers.  FUN!  Needless to say, I will be keeping this whole outfit.

Finally, we have the Pixley Milani Knit Tank in Blue, Size XS with a regular price of $38.

SF 04.07.17 3.5

My pictures don’t do the gorgeous colors of this tank justice.  It has bright royal blue, turquoise and white, is a super comfy fabric and for me, just this side of being small enough – any more fabric and this would have been a no for me.  Luckily, it pairs nicely with a pair of long white shorts I have and some Charming Charlie’s navy wedge sandals so I can totally see this for a lunch or dinner out with hubby on our vacation.

SF 04.07.17 3

So, as you probably guessed, this tank is a keeper as well.

SF 04.07.17 5

If I purchased every item, my total cost including my styling fee already paid would be $222.  If I decide to send the dress and purse back, I will pick up the jeans and 2 tops for a total of $180.  Looking at that number, it seems like a lot of money for a pair of jeans and 2 shirts, especially when I just picked up this dress, fun peasant top and necklace at Charming Charlie’s (have you noticed this is one my fav stores??) for only $52 just last week.

SF 04.07.17 6

Is the quality of Stitch Fix clothes better, enough to warrant such a big difference in price?  Maybe a little bit but it definitely gets you thinking about value.  I think one of the things you pay for with Stitch Fix is the fun of the experience, having the clothes delivered right to you and the ability to just send back the items you don’t like for free.  I don’t know, I guess that’s up for each of us to decide, isn’t it?  I know that’s why I quit using the service last time – why wait with anticipation and excitement for your Fix each time, only to not only be disappointed in the cost of the items but not really like any of them either?  Well, I certainly don’t have that problem now – if anything, it’s the exact opposite – it’s tough to send them BACK because I love them all so much.  So much color, really unique items, keep ’em coming, Stitch Fix!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral code and I’ll get a $25 credit on your first shipment! Thanks so much!