Stitch Fix #11 – June 2017

I’m back!  I’ve had some good luck with Stitch Fix this year so far but can’t afford monthly deliveries, so instead, I’ve been doing every other month.  My first this year was February, then April and now June. . .and I’m afraid my luck has run out.

I didn’t even take pictures in everything because well, nothing fit quite right.  I asked for casual summer pieces – as always, I am great need for bottoms, which are always tough for me to find just the right size.  So far, SF has sent me some great ones so I was hopeful this time for some cute shorts.  I’ve seen some posted on their Pinterest that were really cute but wasn’t thrilled with the one pair they sent me. Here is the lot of it:

SF June 2017 7

SF June 2017 5.jpg

SF June 2017 3

SF June 2017 4

SF June 2017 2.jpg

I posted the pictures in order on the receipt so rather than typing everything out, let me just give you my overall thoughts.

The Report Footwear sandals – super cute and love the color but incredibly uncomfortable.  I have very narrow, thin feet and the top strap was still too tight for me to barely get my toes in.  Once they were buckled, they were even worse with the straps cutting into my ankles.  Uh, no.

The Skies are Blue Marasolay Eyelette Lace Detail Knit Top – this was the only one that remotely fit me, as you can see in the picture below.  Sorry for the weird filters, I have a light out in my bedroom so it was pretty dark in there.  The top is pretty enough and fit me on top but seems a little long and the pattern wasn’t my taste.  It’s a very comfy cotton though and I do like the colors so rather than lose my $20 styling fee, I did buy this item.

SF June 2017 1

The Renee C Alecto Halter Top – I did like the colors and the pattern but it was WAY too big.  The arm holes were too long and the shirt was just too wide.  Very unflattering.

The Kut from the Kloth Siena Cropped Pants – for those who didn’t see my Fix #10, I JUST bought some hot pink ankle jeans to go with a really pretty mint green tank they sent me.  Why in the world would my stylist think I needed another pair of hot pink pants?  She said in her styling note that it was such a good price and $58 is very fair but not unless they were in another color.

Finally, the Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Shorts – I like the Dear John brand and have a pair of super comfy jean shorts I got in another Fix I wear all the time but these were very uncomfortable.  I may have gained a pound or 2 the past few months but the rear and waist were both too tight and I wasn’t wild about the cuff at the bottom.

So, that’s June.  I don’t have another Fix scheduled now until September 1st and we will see I stick with that date.  I’ve found some steals at other stores lately and kind of stocked up on summer clothes so probably will be looking to fall by then.   I picked up this adorable American Eagle romper for only $19.99 on sale, a store I would NEVER normally shop in but went with a friend who likes their clothes.  So glad I did!

AE Romper

I also got some super comfy Ana shorts at JC Penney for 40% off so picked up a pair in black and white.  I swear, I think I could wear these white shorts with half my summer shirts.  I should have bought 2!

JCP Shorts

Finally, a few months ago, I got some cute clothes from Nasty Gal – has anyone watched Girlboss on Netflix?  Well, talk about HUGE fail – the clothing store declared bankrupsy right after the show about it’s creator came out so dumb me, I loved it so much, I got on their website and ordered some clothes before I realized this LA company had been sold to a company in the UK.  Almost a month later, I finally get my dresses but I tell you, they are super cute and really a great price at only $40 each.

Nasty Gal

I adore this dress for summer – it’s super lightweight so I had to get a little slip to wear under it but nothing tight or bind about it and I love the flower pattern.

Crochet dress.jpg

I love this dress too and it fits like a glove but I bought it to wear to a May wedding and due to the shipping delay, it arrived too late.  It’s very pretty, very formal looking on so not sure when I will have the chance to wear it.  Hoping another friend will get married (or re-married!  LOL) so I can bust it out.

OK, I suppose that’s enough fashion talk for today!  We will see what SF comes up with in September!


Stitch Fix #10 – April 2017

Stitch Fix, you are breaking my heart but in a GOOD way this time!  I had such lousy luck with you in 2015 but I swear, you must have changed your sizing, your stylists, something because once again, you have knocked my Fix out of the park! The ONLY downside – I don’t know about you but for me, all 5 pieces are just a tad on the pricey side, even asking for the most reasonably priced items they sell.  Is anyone else running into that issue? Well, before we condemn them just yet, let me show you all about my Fix this month!

SF 04.07.17 4

This girl is winging down to Florida on vacation in about a week and asked for pieces I could take down and enjoy the beach and sunshine.  Once again, I was blessed with Samantha as my stylist and I’m incredibly impressed with her picks this month.

First up, this fun and beautiful Collective Concepts Kailey Dress in Coral, size S with a regular price of $78.  I have it paired with the Seven Hills Laurel Chain Crossbody purse in a soft Grey that matches this dress nicely.  Regular price for the purse is $38.

SF 04.07.17 1

I love this dress – it is flowing, romantic and a gorgeous color.  HOWEVER, I admit my heart sank a little when I saw the size was Small and not XS.  I am VERY short waisted and many dresses with a defined waist like this can be too long from shoulder to waist and unfortunately, this is no exception.

SF 04.07.17 1.5

As you can see, the arm holes are a little too low, the front, a little too blousy.  It has a handy snap in the front so it keeps the top nice and closed but moving around from side to side, I noticed the wrap portion of the top moving just a tad too far and showing a little too much. . .chest.  I am going to play around with this and see if a tank under would look OK but my guess, since the neckline is so low, is it would just take away from the beauty of this dress too much.  I am 50/50 on keeping it right now but if I were a betting woman, I would say I’m sending it back.

As for the purse, it is a beautiful material – very soft and I love that it has 2 deep snap pockets on the outside and a zippered pocket on the inside with more compartments in that to store things.  However, I am a big purse girl and this purse is too small for my phone to even stand upright – I would have to lay it on the side, which isn’t a big deal but usually not my style.  I already have a red Coach cross body purse that I barely use now but I think that’s more because of the color – this purse would truly match everything.  If I keep the dress, I will keep the purse to get the 25% off.  If the dress goes back, so does this bag.

Next up, the Fun2Fun Carlaton Halter Blouse in Mint, size XS with a regular price of $44 paired with the Lila Ryan Dorianna Skinny Jeans in Dark Pink, size 2P with a regular price of (GULP!) $98.

SF 04.07.17 2

I adore this outfit but damn it, Samantha, why do you keep sending me $98 jeans when I tell you NOT to?  Oh, I know why – because they fit like a GLOVE.  I am a sucker for colored pants and if you saw my last Fix, she sent me a pair of turquoise skinny jeans I love as well.  I rationalized that pair, the same way I will these – I never can find my size ANYWHERE, I rarely find colored jeans or pants either and yes, they are expensive but geez, I’m a 43 year old, gamely employed woman.  If you are able, I think it’s OK to step away from Target or the clearance rack at Banana Republic and treat yourself, every now and again. Especially for something you really love.  And I REALLY love these pants.

SF 04.07.17 2.5

The top is just an added bonus – this is where Stitch Fix has made the biggest improvement for me.  In the past, all the tops they sent were giant tents on me – too long, too billowy, arm and neck holes too big but this year, they all fit perfectly.  This shirt covers the rear nicely, the material is light and comfortable for hot Florida days and I paired it with one of my favorite pair of Italian sandals with multi colored flowers.  FUN!  Needless to say, I will be keeping this whole outfit.

Finally, we have the Pixley Milani Knit Tank in Blue, Size XS with a regular price of $38.

SF 04.07.17 3.5

My pictures don’t do the gorgeous colors of this tank justice.  It has bright royal blue, turquoise and white, is a super comfy fabric and for me, just this side of being small enough – any more fabric and this would have been a no for me.  Luckily, it pairs nicely with a pair of long white shorts I have and some Charming Charlie’s navy wedge sandals so I can totally see this for a lunch or dinner out with hubby on our vacation.

SF 04.07.17 3

So, as you probably guessed, this tank is a keeper as well.

SF 04.07.17 5

If I purchased every item, my total cost including my styling fee already paid would be $222.  If I decide to send the dress and purse back, I will pick up the jeans and 2 tops for a total of $180.  Looking at that number, it seems like a lot of money for a pair of jeans and 2 shirts, especially when I just picked up this dress, fun peasant top and necklace at Charming Charlie’s (have you noticed this is one my fav stores??) for only $52 just last week.

SF 04.07.17 6

Is the quality of Stitch Fix clothes better, enough to warrant such a big difference in price?  Maybe a little bit but it definitely gets you thinking about value.  I think one of the things you pay for with Stitch Fix is the fun of the experience, having the clothes delivered right to you and the ability to just send back the items you don’t like for free.  I don’t know, I guess that’s up for each of us to decide, isn’t it?  I know that’s why I quit using the service last time – why wait with anticipation and excitement for your Fix each time, only to not only be disappointed in the cost of the items but not really like any of them either?  Well, I certainly don’t have that problem now – if anything, it’s the exact opposite – it’s tough to send them BACK because I love them all so much.  So much color, really unique items, keep ’em coming, Stitch Fix!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please use my referral code and I’ll get a $25 credit on your first shipment! Thanks so much!

Stitch Fix is BACK – Feb 2017!

It appears despite my absence, quite a few people still check back here.  I’m going to guess this blog still pops up on Stitch Fix searches, even though my last Fix was back in December 2015.  For those who haven’t read all my entries, my last SF foray was NOT successful at all.  I’m 5 feet tall, 110 pounds and pretty much every item they sent me, except for dresses were ill fitting, not what I requested, just odd styles in general and didn’t suit my personal tastes.  I tried, OH BOY, I tried but after 8 Fixes, only managed to find a few pieces I truly loved.  On top of that, my company recently went to casual dress so the beautiful SF dresses I did get are now only pulled out for special occasions.

So, what was the biggest problem?  Fit, for sure.  I need tops most of all – personally, I think Stitch Fix pants and jeans are incredibly over priced but almost all of the tops they sent me were too long and too billowy for my very small frame, the arm holes too big, the neck holes too large.  I sent 90% of them back.  Recently, my cousin pointed out that Stitch Fix sent out a mass E-mail to users, offering a FREE styling fee for the month of February.  It’s been over a year since I tried them so I thought, what the heck, I will give them another shot for free.  AND BOY, am I ever glad I did!

Another source of frustration last time – I would spend HOURS, yes, hours on Pinterest, pinning outfits and pieces I like to give my stylist an idea of my tastes, my style and items I would like.  Time after time, they would send me NOTHING like what I wanted.  In 8 Fixes, I probably had at least 5 stylist and none of them could get it right.  I figured, that’s their business, isn’t it – to take your comments, suggestions, requests and pins and put together pieces you will love?  If they can’t do that, why even bother?

Well, this time, I refused to spend that much time on it – I think that’s why I got so frustrated last time.  I just wrote a brief note for my Fix this time, saying I would like pieces for fun, trendy, comfortable tops to wear for nights out with my hubby and girlfriends and a blazer to wear for work.  That’s it.  My Fix arrived VERY quickly – I requested it be delivered on Friday, February 10th but received it today.  I was shocked when I opened the box and saw not only did I love every, single piece but they all actually looked like they would fit.  Here’s what was inside:


I love the stylist note and from what I read, this Samantha really does get me.  She looked at my Pinterest page, took to heart the looks I pinned (color, color, COLOR!) and actually put together outfits for me, rather than a hodge podge of odd items that I’m taxed with trying to figure out what goes with what.  This seems like a BIG and important change for SF since my last order.  GOOD MOVE.

First up, the Loveappella Leith Embroidery Placket Knit Top in Burgundy, Size XS.  Regular price of $48.


The material is perfect for winter – thick without being too thick and nice, comfy cotton stretchy material.  The length hits just right, the sleeves not too tight, the neckline, not too big.  PERFECT!


The embroidered detailing is so pretty – Boho without being over the top.

Next up, the Just Black Joey Skinny Jeans in Turquoise in size 2P.  Regular price of $88.


These pants fit like a glove and I am a sucker for colored jeans.  I have asked for them in more than a few Fixes and maybe got one pair, burgundy in the middle of summer. Not exactly seasonal so I remember sending them back.  This pair is comfortable, I love that they offer petite sizes so they aren’t too long and compliment the top they sent well.

Then, they sent the Bancroft Logan Rhinestone Hammered Teardrop Earrings with Turquoise to pull the whole thing together.  Regular price is $28.


I know, it is tough to see in the picture but they match the jeans perfectly, are simple but pretty and a nice size to be able to wear them with a lot of different things.

Then, the blazer.  I have gotten a few from Stitch Fix before and they were . . .odd.  One was cute but the arms were insanely too tight.  Another had a weird drape to it and I couldn’t get it to lay quite right.  This one is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  This is the Skies are Blue Asa Knit Blazer in Navy in size XS.  Regular price is $68.


Seriously – ADORE IT.  It fits perfectly, is soft and comfortable in a stretchy material.  Since it’s navy, it will match pretty much anything, including the shirt and jeans they sent.


Not too long, not too short, this blazer is definitely a keeper!

The final item is the Skies are Blue Claude Ruffle Detail Blouse in orange, size XS.  Regular price is $48.

SF 12.jpg

This is the only item I’m remotely iffy about but the fit is so great, I’m buying it anyway.  For $48, it seems a little thin but paired with the blazer and a pair of my own ripped boyfriend jeans, it will be a perfect transition from winter to spring.


For once, the arm holes are perfect, not too long at all and the length of the shirt hits me perfectly, even though it isn’t a petite shirt.  In past Fixes, if they sent a shirt like this, I felt like it was too. . . wide, like it was swallowing me up but this one doesn’t feel that way at all.  It fits comfortable, lays well, like it should.

So, much to my pleasure and dismay, I will be buying EVERY item from this Fix! Buying all 5 items saves me $70 so my total price for all 5 items is $210.  Totally worth it to me to have all of these versatile pieces I can easily wear with other things, the gorgeous color I’ve been craving and pieces that fit me well.  I think I will start ordering regularly again but instead of every month, probably every 2 or 3 because heck, if they keep sending me stuff like this consistently, I will definitely blow my clothing budget for the year!  Thanks, Stitch Fix for making the changes needed to fit a small gal like me.

Would you like to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  Please click my link below so I can receive a $25 credit on your first shipment!  Thank you!

Stitch Fix #8 (and Final)- December 2015

Well, another month, another Fix shipment. I put off receiving one in November, just because I’ve had so much luck finding clothes on my own recently and I think this Fix seals the deal. . .I am think I am done with them.

Positive things about Stitch Fix – it has taught me a LOT about fashion.  What I like, what I don’t like and all those searches on Pinterest have been invaluable to building up my wardrobe.  I have tons of fun, cute clothes I love now, some Stitch Fix, some not.  I love the surprise of delivery, never quite knowing what they might send and finding things you like you never expected you would.

The negatives?  First, it is just too darn expensive.  For instance, this Fix, I got a casual blazer that cost as much as my winter coat!  My HEAVY, super nice winter coat!  It’s just not practical to expect people to spend that much money for one piece of clothing.  Even if the quality were insanely better (which it’s not), it doesn’t matter if it just doesn’t fit in my budget.  And finally, the ever dressed fit.  So far, I am batting about 50% on fit for clothes they have sent me and this Fix, pretty much 0%.  That’s what happens – I get a box I love then one that’s a dude and it doesn’t seem to matter who the stylist is.  One that hits it out of the park one month, sucks the next.  Type A me does NOT like inconsistency.

This is Fix # 8 and I’m sorry, if their job is to be a personal stylist, I think I have given them plenty of time and information to get to know me.  Unfortunately, I guess the only one who really knows what I like and don’t like. . .is me.  So, with sadness, I present to you, my last Fix.

SF 1

SF 7

I was thrilled to see I got Hannah again.  She does a great job of describing the items and how to wear them together and with other things in your closet.  Unfortunately, we struck out on every item this month.  Let me show you why.

First up is the Absolutely Mellisa V-Neck Pullover Sweater in Jewel Tone Purple, size XS, regular price of $64.

SF 9

SF 3

First off, I adore the color but unfortunately, I adore it so much that I already have a ton of it in my closet.  I like the weave and maybe $64 isn’t THAT bad, if it fits well and is super comfy.  Not the case for me.

SF 13

I appreciate it isn’t super long but the arms are too tight for my linebacker biceps.  You can’t tell in the picture but I can barely bend my arms. . .so pretty far from comfortable.  I paired it, as Hannah suggested, with the winter white pants in the Fix, metallic heels and a statement necklace.  I have to say, an odd combo, I think.  The sweater felt way too casual to be dressed up like this.  Also, it’s winter and I am not a wear strappy sandals in 30 degree weather sort of person.  So, this one definitely will be SENT BACK.  Now, on to the pants. . .

These are RD Style Leigh Straight Leg Pants in Off-White, size XS, regular priced at a whopping $98!

SF 11

SF 5

Let me tell you what – if I am gonna pay you $98 for a pair of pants, they better have some substance and these most certainly did not.  They were so thin, a stiff breeze comes up and you would freeze and while they did have pockets, they had this weird, Sag Harbor, grandma pant thing going on with a stretchy band in the back.

SF 14

Again, winter.  Cold.  Maybe some cords would have been better?  I did ask for winter white pants but maybe should have been more specific that I was looking for business casual or casual.  Either way, these are definitely being SENT BACK too.

So, what do we have left to work with.  I was very disappointed to see a dress included in this Fix.  I did not ask for one and would have specifically requested them not to send one if I’d had more room in my Stylist Note.  I guess I should have went back to my style profile and removed dresses for the winter – since my office went casual, there really is no need for it and I am set on holiday dresses.

Still, I received this Skies Are Blue Velia Dress in Teal Green, size SP, regular price of $64.

SF 8

SF 2

Now, this is a little bit better priced item and I have to say, I have had the most luck with Stitch Fix with dresses.  Pretty much the ONLY thing I’ve had luck with them.  They usually fit better, are comfy in pretty patterns and colors but somehow, they were able to take one of my favorite colors and make it look bad, somehow.  It wasn’t flattering at all and ill fitting too.

SF 15

As you can see, once again, the top of the dress is too tall and just kind of hangs on me.  I had to hike it up so you could see I need about another 1 or 2 on me make this work.  And it’s a petite!  Totally depends on the cut of the dress though and this one isn’t it.

SF 16

It also has this weird cutout thing in the back.  I don’t think it is supposed to gap open quite that far and it just happened to hit right by the back of my bra so not sure how I personally could wear it with one.  Again, not the look I want to go for this holiday season so it too will be SENT BACK.

Now, in their defense, I did request a blazer and this is the second one they’ve sent me.  I think this one is about as odd as the first.  None of them traditional cuts, which is fine, all of them cotton rather than some kind of other material, both plain colors and an odd cut.  You be the judge.

This is the Eden Society Cales Collection Striped Knit Blazer in Light Grey, size XS, regular price of $98!

SF 10

SF 4

Is it that it doesn’t have lapels that throws me off? Or was I destined not to like it because of it’s high price tag?  It feels like sweatshirt materal, is it really worth that much money?

SF 17

Again, an odd fit on me.  The sleeves are too long and I can barely get it buttoned so it doesn’t close as much as it looks like it should from the picture above.  No more needs to be said on this one – it too is being SENT BACK.

And finally, the nail in the coffin for me – they sent me a purse.  I have never asked for a purse because I have a TON of them, all shapes and sizes in name brands so however cute they are, I just don’t need one.  So, I didn’t ask for one this Fix and they sent it anyway.  I have seen this one included in a lot of the Fix blogs I read, in various colors.

This is the Street Level Juno Small Folded Clutch in Teal Green, regular price $38.

SF 6

SF 18

SF 19

It’s super cute with lots of pockets, it’s leather (or faux leather) and has a nice long chain to wear over your shoulder messenger style.  Again, I just don’t need it but rather than lose my $20 styling fee, I think I will keep it and give it away to some lucky girl on my Christmas list!

So, there you have it, folks.  I may toy around with getting another Fix in summer, for cute summer dresses but . . .I doubt it.  It has been a fun experience getting to know this company and I think for many people, it is a valuable service but only if you are probably at least 5’2″, find a stylist that REALLY gets you and your build and are willing to spend a lot more money than me!

I hope you have enjoyed my posts and I know I will be sorry to see them go as much as you but I will still post from time to time on my style adventures elsewhere.  I will still check out Pinterest for tips, trends and outfits and plan to recreate them here for you!

Also, I haven’t posted any updates on Eat To Perform in a while and there is good reason.  I have chucked it out the window.  Done.  Fine.  I will post more details on that soon!

Office Casual

We recently received a communication from our CEO that our firm is moving ALL day, every day office casual!  I can’t believe it – I work in a rather conservative industry so it’s tough to believe that they are going to allow their employees to wear jeans every day now (as long as you don’t have any client meetings).  That, coupled with my insanely warm office, drove me in search of stylish, yet lighter pieces for the office for winter.  I have warmer, thick sweaters and layers but I find myself stripped down to my base layer more often than not these days.  People keep telling me it will get cooler but while I wait, I decided I needed some options to not boil to death at my desk all day!

So, I hit up my go to spot, Charming Charlie’s, with my niece on Saturday and I was able to pick up these beautiful options for a ridiculous low price!

First up, this Mid V Neck Chevron shirt in a gorgeous blue. It fits. . .oddly but after playing around with it a little bit, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try.  It looks amazing on, blue is one of my favorite colors and after much searching, I found a scarf very similar to this one, to pair with it.

CC 1.jpg


CC 2

Then, I have a closet full of purple and burgundy but these 2 shirts were too cheap to just pass up.  The first one is a ribbed knit pullover and after searching the store 50 times, I just could not find a scarf to match.  Fortunately, in a flurry of Christmas shopping the other week, I picked up a scarf to gift to someone and lo and behold, it matches this shirt so Merry Christmas to ME!


The final shirt again, fits a little odd but is a beautiful layer and will look great with dress pants or jeans, for the office.



Total price for all of these items, with a $10 off coupon I had, was only $50, including TAX!  WOW!

So, I have some go to items to get me through the beginning part of winter then hoping for some cute blazers from Stitch Fix in my December 11th shipment.  I saw this blazer in a recent Stitch Fix blog and this is exactly what I am looking for – bright colors, fitted, cropped and again, would look good with dress pants or dress up a pair of jeans.

SF Blazer

Hope you all have a great Turkey Day and while you are hopefully, enjoying some time off, if you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, please consider using my referral link below.  I will receive a $25 credit on your first shipment!  Thanks so much for reading!

Looking Forward to Fix #8!

I have a long way to go – my next shipment isn’t set to approve until Friday, December 11th for a couple of reasons.  First, that  weekend of December is just nuts for me and second, I actually have December 11th off so I will have a little longer to play with some looks once I get my Fix.  Thanksgiving is next week and we will have family in town, tons of get togethers then month end at work starts the week after that so figured I better start thinking about what I want next month NOW.  Here is my Stylist Note, so far:

“Looking for a pair of winter white pants to pair with colorful, festive sweaters for the holidays. Need casual and also more business appropriate light sweaters for pulled together, yet comfortable looks at the office and at home. Would love some fun looks with a top and scarf pairing to wear with leggings and boots for nights out. I would like to request Hannah as my stylist again. Loved her ideas, suggestions and fun attitude!”

I’ve been trying to sit down with Pinterest and get some ideas of specific items I’m looking for but has anyone else noticed that Stitch Fix hasn’t been updating their Pinterest page with specific items very much lately?  Its fine to pin general looks you find but I feel like if you can pin specific Stitch Fix items, it gives them a better idea of what to look for and send you.  I am going to keep at it though if anything, just to give me some ideas of looks I would like to put together myself this weekend.  I did a great job of updating my wardrobe for fall and have a lot of fun things but now it is time to start thinking about winter and the holidays.  I admit, I have some things I’ve bought that I haven’t even worn yet because believe it or not, it hasn’t gotten cold enough yet!  November 18th in northern Indiana and I can’t wear my poncho cardigan because I would sweat to death in it.  It’s still 60 degrees and rain today, though it looks like this warm weather is finally on its way out tonight and tomorrow.

I need to comb the November Stitch Fix blogs and see what others have gotten and liked too.  The few I have seen, seem to always have some kind of draped/poncho sweater.  I almost put on my stylist note not to include these but I need to be a little more adventurous and see what they come up with.  They have to be learning by now, just how small I am and how certain styles can just drown me.   They look so good on other people so maybe if I could get one proportioned just right, I would love it.  I wear this super lightweight burgundy draped cardigan I got in Fix #6 all the time and get tons of compliments on it and I can honestly say if they hadn’t sent it, I would never have picked out something like it myself.

SF 21

See?? That’s the most fun thing about Stitch Fix, isn’t it?  Trying new things and having someone else make suggestions, give you permission to get a little nutty?  I will admit, I got scolded and called out on the Stitch Fix Facebook page for giving someone the instructions on how to peek at their Fix before they received it but some of us are like kids on Christmas morning – we just cannot WAIT that long!

So, over 3 LONG weeks to go so I will have to get online and live vicariously through all of you as you get your end of November and beginning of December Fixes!

Would you like to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  Just go online and fill out a questionnaire about your size and style preferences then scheduled your shipment today.  Use my referral link below to sign up and I will get a $25 credit on your first shipment.  You only pay a $20 styling fee, will receive 5 items in the mail to try on at home and send back the items you don’t like.  You only need to buy one thing from your shipment and your styling fee is put towards the purchase of that item.  Get online, Google their clothes – they are beautiful and fun!

Stitch Fix #7 – October 2015!

I feel like I am getting pretty seasoned at this Stitch Fix thing so I have to admit, after numerous disappointments over my last Fixes, I try not to get my hopes too high and just take it with a grain of salt.  Get some good things – great, if not, no big deal, just send them back.  I think going into it with that kind of attitude really helps.  Oh, and getting a FABULOUS Fix like this one!

SF 1

First off, I have to say, I LOVED this stylist note!  I appreciate the fact she specifically mentioned how to wear the pieces and how to pair 2 items together.  That is exactly what I need and have wanted.  After trying all of these items on, I think Hannah is a keeper!  She is happy, she is upbeat and she made me excited to check out what was inside the box.

SF 2

So, what did I get?  Here we go!  First off, please excuse my pictures – you only get the outfit tonight because I had a tough 40 minute Crossfit workout right before this so I am kind of sweaty and am pretty much a mess.  But, it was still fun snapping my pictures for you!

SF 7

I am going to start with my favorite and work my way down.  It also is the order I happened to try everything on too.

First up, this Papermoon Etsie Dress in size XSP.  Did you hear that?? PETITE!  Regular price of $78.

SF 6

SF 12

SF 13

I have to say, I adore this dress.  It fits perfectly, the color is gorgeous (which might not be obvious from my pictures) and the material is so soft and comfortable, yet it still looks dressy.  Perfect for work.  I paired it quickly with some black heels but I can totally see wearing this with black tights, a black layering shirt underneath and boots.  LOVE so this is definitely a KEEPER.

However – Hannah suggested pairing this dress with the blazer included, which I will talk about a little later.  I’m sorry, I just don’t see these 2 colors going together and seem totally different styles.  One is dressy and the other is more casual.

SF 14

So, we will NOT be wearing the blazer with the dress but let’s move on.

Next up, this Loveappella Kayla dress in size SP, regular price of $78.

SF 5

SF 8

SF 15

First off, kudos to Hannah for recognizing this dress runs smaller than the first one and sending a small instead of an extra small.  Next, I adore the pattern of this dress!  It is so fun and I am a big sucker for pockets too.  It fits like a glove and I totally could see pairing it with tights and booties for winter, just like my stylist suggested.  HOWEVER, the material of this dress is SO thin.  I just don’t know if I would be warm enough in the fall and winter to keep it.  I will probably kick myself for doing this but I think I will be SENDING this one BACK.  If it were summertime, I would totally keep it.

Then, we have the Market and Spruce Avah Knit Top in size XS, regular price of $58.

SF 3

SF 10

SF 16

I was most excited about this shirt when I saw it online but unfortunately, my fears were confirmed – it is just too darn big for me.  This dolman sleeve style is tough to pull off when you are so short because the dip of the neckline is SO deep and the shirt is so long, I think it makes my legs look stubby.  Here is another picture that shows it better.

SF 17

I really wanted pieces to wear to work and unfortunately, I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a shirt this low cut to work.  I tried pairing it with the scarf, like the stylist suggested but that is a whole lot of pattern and color going on.

SF 18

Speaking of the scarf, this is piece #4, the Mangrove Sidney Colorblock Wrap Scarf, regular price of $44.

SF 9

The colors are gorgeous and it is kind of a plaid pattern, really cute so I tried again to make it work with this shirt.  Why, I’m not sure since I know I’m not keeping it.

SF 19

So, I decided to try and put it all together with the final item I received, the 41Hawthorne Teegan Draped Blazer in size XS, regular price of $78.

SF 4

SF 11

I didn’t think I would like the blazer as much as I did because it didn’t get many rave reviews in other SF blogs I read.  However, I love the polka dot lining and it actually fit me quite well.  You can roll up the sleeves and button them or you can leave them long, like I did here.  It also have nice pockets and fits really well.

SF 20

However, I am not wild about the color.  I liked the scarf and blazer so much, I went through my whole closet and tried to find other things to pair them with and just couldn’t come up with anything.  Also, both of these items seem pretty casual to me – I could wear the blazer with jeans and stuff but again, I was really looking for items to wear into the office.  I just don’t think this quite fits the bill.

So, right now, my initial reaction is to keep the first dress and send the rest back.  What do YOU think?  I think a dress for $78 is a good deal, especially when I love it so much.  It will be great for work and I will still feel cute yet professional and warm at the same time.

I am excited for my December Fix now and when I check out, I will definitely be asking for Hannah again for next month.  Not sure exactly what I will ask for, since I still haven’t had much luck getting shirts and sweaters, which is what I need most.  Maybe I will try for some dress pants and see what they come up.  I would like some fun colors I could wear with sweaters or cardigans for work.   Something different than the plain Jane black or gray dress pants and shirt with black boots.  Let’s mix it up a little bit and I think Stitch Fix can help me do it!

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself?  If so, please use my referral link below and I will get a $25 credit  when you get your first shipment!  Thanks so much for reading!